Friday, July 31, 2009

Halloween Ideas?

So ever since the babies were born, my wheels have been spinning about Halloween. I'd really like to coordinate the kids for their first Halloween together. Here's what I've come up with:

Three blind mice...farmer's wife
Three bears...Goldilocks
Three little kittens...Mother Cat
Three little pigs...Big Bad Wolf
Three monkeys (See/Speak/Hear no evil)...What would B be?
sheep...Bo Peep
Dwarfs...Snow White

I'm also on a budget. I really don't want to spend much money. Most of those baby costumes I can make from solid colored sleepers or sweats. However, those have been hard to find. You'd think it'd be easy to find 6-9 month black sweats, but nope, impossible! Sleepers too...never solid. Always patterned or with something embroidered on it. B does already have Snow White and Dorothy costumes.

Currently, I'm leaning towards Dorothy and Munchkins. This may be the last Halloween that her Dorothy costume fits her. The babies can be the Lollipop Guild. I recently bought them matching striped onesies that could work for this purpose. I can certainly find an oversized lollypop or two to put in the stroller as we Trick-or-Treat. I was also thinking I could cut some yellow poster board "bricks" and attach them to the stroller too. The only things I'd need to purchase would be coordinating pants for the babies, and red sparkly shoes for B.

So any ideas? What could they whole gang be? How can I get it done? I'm creative, but I don't sew. I'm more of a glue gun & felt kinda gal! Any other themes I missed?

Post comments, please!!!!


Sandy said...

Go with what you have for Bridget. I like the Wizard of Oz idea best. Plus, you have the outfits!

By the way, my kids will be monkeys. I have the costumes already. Kurt and I MIGHT be trees. We could be bananas, but I like the tree idea better.

Good luck deciding.

Arlene said...

I like the banana idea. Or what about zoo keepers? I might have to borrow a monkey outfit next year!

Off topic: I don't know if Morgan likes playing dress up yet, but Michaels in Joliet has these really cute animal hats and a few tails that you can clip onto your clothes on clearance. They're $1.60 each. I got a few for B and she's LOVING them. Especially the tails. Maybe I can get Grandma to sew her up some different tails. I went to Michaels in Oak Brook and their's weren't on clearance.