Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two days left and welcome baby OWEN WILLIAM!

Only today and tomorrow left for summer vacation, then it's back to work I go. I'm pretty excited about that. I've been going in to school to set up the classroom, clean out cabinets, and get copies ready for the school year. Beth, the babysitter, came in for 4 days when Shawn was in Tokyo. She worked 5 full days last week too. The babies are doing well in her care. They love playing with her. Bridget seems to like her too. She's comfortable enough with Beth, that she had her first tantrum for her yesterday.

Holly seems to have caught a bit of a cold-probably croup-yesterday. She was coughing and barking, and was up quite a bit last night. She was terribly crabby and tired all day. The Tylenol seems to be working, and today she has been in better spirits. She's still barking, so I've been using the nebulizer with her. Megan had a slight fever yesterday, but seems fine today. Liam is doing well.

Last weekend we travelled out to the zoo with the kids. That was fun. The babies were well behaved. We left at nap time, got to the zoo and loaded the kids into the strollerbago and strolled to the penguin exhibit. Outside the building, there's a small splash area for the kids to play in. So Bridget ran around in the water while Shawn and I fed Holly, Liam and Megan. After 4 trips to the washroom, we strolled around to the bears and lions, before heading out.

After that, we stopped at Grandma Joan's house to get the kids ready for bed. Then we packed up, and I was dropped off at the hospital to visit my new nephew, Owen William. He's such a cutie pie, with the roundest head I've ever seen! How'd that happen to a non-c-section baby? In any case, he's quite handsome, and I'm sure Liam will appreciate having a boy cousin exactly 8 months younger than him. Congratulations, Sandy and Kurt!

That's all for now.

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