Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

As you can imagine, life is pretty busy with 4 kids. Haven't had much free time to do anything. So just a quick update on the kiddos.

Holly, Liam and Megan turned ONE on December 15th. They had a blast at their birthday party! It was crazy opening presents, but all three really enjoyed ripping wrapping paper and opening bags and boxes. I couldn't tell you who gave us what, but they got lots of nice things.

Liam started to walk at the end of November/early December. I don't remember! At first, he would basically lunge at someone (including knocking Holly flat on her face a few times), but now he's toddling like a champ. Megan followed a week before her first birthday. Of course, Megan was climbing before walking, and really enjoys climbing up on the couch and running laps back and forth for as long as we'll let her. Holly is our Miss Smarty Pants. She's trying to talk, and will say "ca" in a soft voice. (That means "cat".) She also uses several baby signs. (Cat, twinkle, blow kisses, hi/bye, all done, more,) and she knows where her belly and head are. Actually, all three know where their belly and heads are. We are working on nose now.

Liam gave me kisses for the first time today. That was really sweet! I don't mind that he licks my cheek like a dog, it's still very sweet! Holly and Megan are lickers too and there are times when Holly will give big hugs. They're all so cuddly!

Christmas was a riot. They had fun opening more gifts and playing with all the new stuff. They looked very cute in their Christmas Eve and Christmas day outfits and matching pjs too. If you're a Facebook friend, then you've seen the photos. If not, get a FB account!! Of course it was great getting out of the house and seeing all of our family members. We even got to see cousin Julie and meet her husband Jonathan. That was a lot of fun! I think we could hire cousin Mary as our full-time nanny....the babies LOVED her and she seemed to enjoy playing with them too!

Let's not forget Miss Beezer either. Bridget turned 4 on December 22. We kept trying to prepare her that "when you turn 4, you can't have any more tantrums because you're a big girl now." Yah, right. She's worse now! Shawn and I are really trying to lay the law down with her now b/c we're tired of dealing with her tantrums. Ugh!

Bridget is taking PreBallet2 this semester. She starts tomorrow and she's pretty excited. She loves dance class. In May they are having a huge recital...you're all welcome to come. More info will follow.

We still have to get all four kids into the pediatrician for their yearly visit. Can't wait to see how much they've grown. Bridget has really sprouted up and thinned out (except her big round head is still big and round). The downside to all that growth for her is that she often wakes up overnight with "growing pains" in her knees. She's had a couple of bad nights recently, and I'm sure we'll mention it to the pediatrician when she gets in.

We also have to still get their yearly photos taken. Ugh, so much to do! Thanks to Auntie Jo, they'll be looking good in their valentine themed clothes. I can't wait to go...it's just hard coordinating times and a crew able to help me get them photographed. I can't imagine how difficult this session is going to be with all three walking around a studio without doors! I'm thinking that the plan of attack this time will be to focus on individual shots, and then if they cooperate, maybe one or two group photos.

Shawn's leaving us next week to go to Tokyo for work. He'll be gone for over a week. Thankfully, Auntie Anna is going to help me survive while he's gone. She is student teaching near Joliet, so she's going to move in for the week. If you're free, stop by and lend us a helping hand. We're especially looking for someone able to drive Bridget to school in the afternoon. If you can help out, we'd really appreciate it!

As for me, first semester ends on Friday. The year has gone fast, and it's been tumultuous for me at times, but I'm hanging in there. Trying to find a balance between work and home is tough. We got fancy projectors and tablets while I was out on maternity leave last year and this year I've been trying to convert all my class notes/problems/etc. so that they can be projected. It's a lot of work, but once it's done I will be able to coast. I tell ya, the projectors are great. I can pretty much walk around the room or sit on top of a desk and solve problems from anywhere in the classroom. I used to use a ton of white board markers and now I barely use any. I've also reduced the amount of paper I use, because I can project a handout, instead of actually handing it out. I often joke with my students that I'm going to replace my desk with a recliner now, because I no longer have to depend on my whiteboard.

Ok, that's it for the update. I should be finishing up school work and going to bed. Until next time...

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