Sunday, November 14, 2010


Just a quick update, I know it's been awhile.

Liam is our little talker. He repeats everything! He's doing great expressing himself through words. Yesterday he told Megan, "Go away. My toy." Liam loves bedtime routine. He's the first to bring a book to read. When we're done with books, he'll say, "teeth" to remind us that we need to brush teeth. After brushing teeth, he'll say "drink" to ask for a drink of water. Then finally, it's "baby" which is a short song I sing to each child before putting them down to bed.

Holly is second with talking. She had about a week where her pronunciation of the word "fork" sounded obscene. She still makes the word "sit" sound like a bad word. Holly is smart as a whip. She'll ask, "Caillou?" wanting us to put on the show for her. When we say "no." She'll ask, "Elmo?" and we'll say no. Finally she'll say, "Gabba?" and we'll say "no tv right now." So she's persistant...trying to get what she wants. We'll have to watch out for her as she grows!

Megan lets everyone talk for her. She doesn't have to talk because Liam and Holly talk for her. She does pronounce names very well: Mama, Dada, Holly, Liam, Megan, Bridgie, Elmo, Caillou, Cookie, Bert, Ernie, etc. Shawn and I are definitely trying to encourage her to talk more. She does a really cute thing when watching Caillou on tv. At the end of the theme song, Caillou opens up his arms and declares, "I'm Caillou....that's me!" A few seconds before that point in the song, Megan will wind her arms....and declare "ME!" in time with Caillou. She adds a big clap of her hands as well. It's very cute. I have it recorded on my iPhone. Someday I will post it to Facebook or here.

Gonna run.

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