Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best Toy Ever

So, I'm on the LeapFrog mailing list because Bridget's Tag Reader connects to the internet to track her progress. Anyway I got an email awhile back announcing their new toys Scout and Violet. So I checked out their website, and fell for these cute little puppy toys! Check out the link and watch the video or play the music.

Then a little while later I came across a coupon for $3 off a LeapFrog toy, and you know how much I love coupons! One day I ended up in Toys R Us, and there was Scout on the shelf calling out my name. So I bought him right up!

The cool thing about Scout (Violet hasn't shipped to the stores yet) is that you can personalize it with your baby's name, favorite color, favorite animal, and favorite food. There's tons of items to choose from. I kid you not, edamame, bibimbap (what the heck is that?!), Yakisoba, and quiche are favorite food choices. As well as everybody's favorite animals: alpacas, bugs, earthworms, loons and sloths. So I chose: Liam, blue, moose and sweet potatoes as Liam's favorite things. Moose won because that's his favorite toy. Now Scout sings about all of Liam's favorites. He also spells out his name in a song. Pretty cool! You can change your selections anytime. The puppy hooks up to the computer with a USB cable.

Now, previously I've been a big fan of Baby Tad, because it will play up to 6 minutes of bedtime music. My babies have learned to fall asleep within 6 minutes (sometimes 12 minutes) of being put down thanks to Baby Tad. Scout tops Tad. You can select 5 of 30 daytime songs and 5 of 30 nighttime songs to load onto the doll. And you can change the songs anytime. At bedtime, you have the option of playing 2, 5 or 10 minutes of music. Now the triplets are drifting off to sleep with 10 minutes of peaceful LeapFrog bedtime melodies. Ahh! Sweet!

Oh yah, my Baby Tad link isn't a bad link. It looks like LeapFrog only sells the Spanish version of the toy now. I meant to link that.

Now if anyone wants to get Megan and Holly their own Violet I'm sure they'll love it! I heard she arrives on June 17th.

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