Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rest day

Not much to say about today. We rested. We toured the Art of Animation resort. Then we swam. A whole bunch. The kids played some poolside games, and when the rain started, the poolside games were brought inside. 

In the evening we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. Of course, the dounpour of rain started as the bus arrived at DD. So we hip-hopped from store to store for shelter and had dinner at the Earl of Sandwich. 

After dinner, we shopped a bit. The kids started spending their Disney gift cards on souvenirs. Liam purchased a Lotso doll and Jessie and Bullseye figures. Holly bought Minnie Mouse doll dressed as Rapunzel. Bridget and Megan are still deciding what to spend their money on. 

Before leaving we enjoyed some ice cream and a visit to the Lego Store and then we called it a night. 

Fun times!

Art of Animation
Poolside games (indoor)

Lego Store

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