Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zero Days Til Our Disney Vacation

Well our first day couldn't have gone any better. Last night, the kids were excited, but managed to fall asleep about 30 minutes after being put to bed. Shawn and I managed to get a decent amount of sleep, and didn't ignore the 3:15 am alarm when it went off. 

We managed to complete our final task list quickly and then we woke the kids up at about 3:45. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, all four woke up without a complaint, got dressed and ready quickly, and didn't argue about anything! 

Soon enough, our limo arrived to take us to O'Hare. Shawn was able to get the ride comped/discounted since he uses Plainfield Limo when he travels for work. The children LOVED the ride to the airport and filled their quota of asking, "Are we there yet?" We learned That Liam gets a bit queasy riding in the sideways seat. 

At O'Hare, the kids were champs. Each kid carried their own backpack filled with books, games and toys. After breakfast and a short wait, we borded our plane to Newark. 

My view to the left. 
My view to the right. 

The kids kept themselves busy playing with small toys and the classic Yes/No books. We made it the entire 90 minute flight without the kids asking for electronics! I was so proud of them. The flight attendant even awarded the kids their wings. 

Megan's wings. 

Bridget's wings. 

When we landed in Newark, that was the closest I've ever been to New York City.  What a beautiful skyline! Maybe someday we will visit! 

We had another short wait until we boarded our plane for Orlando. By now the excitement was being beaten out by exhaustion. The kids loved that they could each choose whatever they wanted to watch on the tv, but Liam fell asleep during The Muppet Movie, and Megan crashed during Frozen. 

They recharged their batteries in flight, and the next thing we knew, we had landed in Orlando. On the Disney Magic Express bus ride to our resort, Holly conked out. Three out of four ain't bad! They definitely needed their rest. 

After a 35 minute bis ride, we arrived at the Art of Animation resort. Yippee!!

We got checked in, and had dinner. Then off to the pool to swim. Bridget is definitely a little fish! She is so happy in the water and loves swimming under water. She was the first to notice that they play music UNDER the water that is different than the music they play OUTSIDE the water. That was pretty cool. 

After a swim, we thought the kids deserved a treat for their great behavior. They loved the gelato, or is it gelatta? Bridget kept calling it gelatta. Cute!

Put it in the books...Disney day 1 was a huge success for the Morris family. 

Can't wait for tomorrow. The girls get to meet the princesses and Liam gets to meet Mickey at Epcot. 

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