Thursday, February 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Week

This has been library week for Bridget. She and I went to Family Story Time at the library on Tuesday night. It was nice. There were 8 kids there, most older than Bridget. The theme this week was Tigers. The librarian read 4 books about tigers. After the stories were read, the children paraded out the room, to the circulation desk and back to the room, playing a variety of musical instruments along the way. Bridget was asked to be the parade leader much to the disappointment of one of the older girls. As it turned out, I recognized one of the dads in the room as a former math teacher from one of our other high schools. So we talked about a bunch of stuff. His wife is the librarian (I don't know her name yet) and two of their sons became Bridget's boyfriends that night. After the parade, the children made a tiger puppet. Then Bridget and the two boys ran around the empty room, giggling, laughing and having lots of fun. Basically Bridget just imitated what the boys were doing, but they didn't seem to mind her hanging around either. Bridget would tell you the one boy's name was Screw, but his name was really Drew. I'll find out more about the boys next week. This week we mainly talked about teaching and the triplets. 

Wednesday morning, Aunt Barb came over to help. Shortly after she arrived, Bridget and I went to Toddler Time at the library. At first Bridget wouldn't sit on the pillows with the other children. She wanted me to come with her so that she could sit on my lab. I told her that this was not Lapsit, and she's a big girl, so she had to sit on the pillow by herself and listen to the stories. Eventually she left my side and joined the other children. This week the theme was polar bears. The librarian read 3 books about polar bears. Then they played with pom pons, then it was off to do a craft. Bridget made a bear mask. She had lots of fun! I found several Disney books with CDs on clearance at Walgreens and Bridget had brought "Finding Nemo" with, so we read that after doing the craft. What a LONG book. It took about 20 minutes to read the whole thing. 

The rest of Wednesday was fun. We always have fun when Aunt Barb is over. Bridget loves to play and read books with her. I enjoy talking with her too. We must have worn Bridget out, because she ended up taking a long nap, falling asleep with the new Disney book over her face! I had added the books to Bridget's iPod, and she was able to listen to the books while taking her nap. She was asleep within a half hour. 

Wednesday night, since Bridget took a long nap, she went to the grocery store with me. Bridget was a good helper, finding all of the items on my grocery list. She even spotted the Nursery Water when I had passed it up twice! She did well too and didn't ask for me to buy her everything she saw on the shelves. The only things she asked for was more fruit snacks (I said no, we have 4 boxes at home) and a kiwi fruit (I got strawberries instead). 

She was in bed by 9 pm but didn't fall asleep till well after 10 pm. That's ok, I'll live with that if she takes a nap and behaves for us in the evenings!

Today she's off at Chesterbrook Academy. Daddy dropped her off, and she requested that I pick her up. It's been sort of quiet at home without her around. The babies acted up around 11 am when all wanted to be fed/held/changed at the same time. Poor Megan hasn't eaten much since 9 am and it's 3 pm now. She whined at noon, I tried to feed her and she wouldn't eat. Then I got her up at 1 pm and she drank about an ounce, then spit it all up. 

Bridget will be happy to learn that Auntie Jo, Matt and Allison are coming over tonight to help while Shawn bowls. I also found out that Auntie Tina, Uncle Dave, Kaitlyn and Ann are also coming over to play! We're going to loan them our Camry since their Prius was in an accident and probably totalled and they need another car while figuring out what to do about the Prius. 

Ok, so I better get going to pick up Bridget. She'll be so excited to hear that her cousins are coming over tonight! 

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