Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Month Doctor's Visit

First of all, Happy Birthday Tina! Hope it's a good one!

Holly, Liam and Megan had their two month doctor's visit today. It was a long visit; we were out of the house for about 2.5 hours, but everyone is doing well. 

Holly: her ears are still folded over from being "smooshed" in the womb. She is still the peanut of the trio. She eats the least but sleeps the most. 

Liam: he's our big boy! He is the first to surpass the 10 lb. mark. I noticed that his left leg was spasm-ing a few times while I was feeding him. The doctor said it's nothing to worry about, it's just that his nervous system is still developing. He also has a little scab on his belly button from where the cord was attached. Doc said don't pick it, it will eventually go away.

Megan: she's developed a red birthmark on her cheek. Doc said it will probably go away within a few years. Her left eye originally was the one that had the blocked tear duct that sent her back to the hospital. Well, that cleared up and has been doing well. Last week her right eye decided to block up. She saw the eye specialist who said she probably has a blockage in the right eye. We're supposed to massage it for the next 6 months and then go back to the eye specialist. 

The Trio: They've been spitting up quite a bit and not giving us much relief when it comes to spacing out their feedings. Doc prescribed them baby Zantac for reflux and said we'll probably get some more sleep soon. Treating the reflux should allow them to eat more at each feeding, which in turn will space out those feedings. Shawn and I were practically doing a happy dance in his office when we heard that! I really hope it works. We also are supposed to wake them up every two hours and try to keep them awake for 20 minutes. (They can practically sleep all day, subsequently feeding every 3-4 hours around the clock.) That combined with the Zantac and we should start seeing them sleep for 5-6 hours at night.

After the doctor checked everyone out, in came the brigade of nurses with 12 immunization shots and 3 oral immunizations. Of course the babies cried, but they calmed down pretty easily. They've been knocked out from the shots, and spent the rest of the afternoon and all evening sleeping. I figured I'd let them sleep today, and I'll start waking them every 2 hours tomorrow. 

We sent Bridget to Tina's house to spend the night tonight. Shawn's headed to Washington DC for the day tomorrow and having B out of the house will help me out a bit. So, thanks to Tina and Dave for helping me out! I heard that Kaitlyn was waiting all day for Bridget to come over. I'm really glad Bridget has so many cousins close in age to grow up with! 

Tomorrow I have three friends from the math department and neighbor Jeannie stopping by throughout the day to help me survive. Thanks to them too! We've been so fortunate to have help from family and friends. I don't think we'd still be sane without the help.  THANK YOU ALL!


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