Monday, February 9, 2009

A Nice Break

8 weeks old today! Megan, Liam, Holly


Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bill came over to help out. This gave me some one-on-one time with Bridget, who has been starving for attention. Bridget and I went to the mall for storytime. The theme was bathtub stories.  After, we walked through the mall. We found brand new shoes for $3.99! She got a pink and purple pair of tennis shoes for this spring/summer. I also found 4 pairs of pants for $0.99 each! I love shopping for the kids. I also found Liam a cute little baseball outfit for $2.99. The babies don't need any play clothes smaller than 12 months, but I couldn't resist this was too cute!  Bridget told me "Thank you for taking me to storytime at the mall, mommy. I like going to the mall with you. I'm glad the babies are at home." Yah, we needed this time together!

After the mall, we had a nice lunch with grandma and grandpa. Then Bridget played games with grandma, grandpa and me.  She ended up taking a good nap too.


Shawn and I alternated between caring for the babies and cleaning up the house.  Squeezed in there was some play time for Bridget. She played outside on the scooter she got for Christmas.  Shawn assembled it while B took a few spins on her trike.

She loved being able to play outside again!! I certainly can't wait for warmer weather!

Later, Grandma Kathie and Grandpa John came over to spend the night so Shawn and I could get a decent night's sleep.  We went to Woodfield, had dinner at PF Chang's, then shopped the mall.  I built Liam his special teddy bear. We named it Billy Jack.  I think he likes it. :) 

We made some stops at the Cheesecake Factory for dessert, Starbucks for a venti decaf caramel macchiato, and Target because it's Target, then off to the hotel.  We spent 15 minutes relaxing in the hot tub, had our dessert, and went to sleep. It was nice to get five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Shawn got a full night's sleep. 


Shawn and I rolled out of bed by 8:30, and had a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed home. It was a nice 18-hour break, but we were both glad to see the kids when we got home.  Bridget and grandpa were outside playing and grandma was feeding two babies when we got home.

Not much else went on, we tried to straighten the house, had dinner, the Goode's stopped by for a visit and to borrow our Camry. Next thing you know it's bedtime. How exciting, right?


Liam slept from 11 pm - 5:30 am and Holly slept from midnight to 7:30. So 2 out of 3 slept through the night. Now if we can only get Megan on board, life would be grand!!

Three Morris's in their Moose outfits.

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