Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turning the Corner & Bye Bye Chesterbrook Academy!

Things seem to be looking up when it comes to the care of the triplets. The pediatrician's advice and prescription seems to be helping out a bunch. Last night the triplets were put to bed between 9 and 10 pm. Shawn and I only had to get up at about 2 am to feed all three. We finished feeding after about an hour, then we got to sleep all the way till 7:15. So, not too bad! 

After getting all three up and out of their cribs, I was ecstatic to find that both crib sheets were clean and dry! No spit up. That is very literally the first time that no one had ruined a sheet since they were born. 

Today is Bridget's last day at Chesterbrook Academy. I'm sure she will miss it, and I know that I will miss sending her there. Not because I want her out of the house, but because it has been a very positive experience for Bridget. She has learned so much and has had so much fun playing with her friends. I don't know that she would be as smart as she is now without sending her to Chesterbrook. Anyone looking for day care...I highly recommend Chesterbrook!

The triplets and I are awaiting the arrival of Auntie Anna. She's stopping by to visit on her way home from EIU. I'm sure Anna can't wait to see the triplets too. They've pretty much doubled in size since she's last seen them!

Bridget and I have been making sun catchers the past several days. It's a fun, quick project that produces pretty cool products. Here's the steps:

1. Get a coffee filter.
2. Color on it with washable markers. (Must be washable or it won't work.) Leaving white spaces is just fine too.
3. Put a newspaper or several paper towels under your colored coffee filter then spray it with water.
4. Let it dry...only takes about 15-30 minutes to dry!
5. Draw a shape on your filter and cut it out.
6. Place clear contact paper on both sides of your shape.
7. Punch a hole in it, put a loop of string through, and hang it in the window!

We've had lots of fun finding shapes around the house for this project. I now realize that we need a good set of stencils for our projects!

A couple of quick notes: Bridget is starting to print her name. Her B's look like 8's and her G's are backwards, but she's doing great! All three babies are starting to smile. Liam smiles the most, followed by Megan, then Holly. I finally caught one on camera!

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