Sunday, March 1, 2009

Key Lime Cove

Bridget, Grandma Kathie, Auntie Anna and I went to Key Lime Cove on Friday and Saturday. It was a lot of fun! Friday we began our adventure at Max & Erma's for lunch. Next up: Gurnee Mills. Bridget was exhausted at this point, and actually laid down in the stroller. I found these matching sweatshirts from The Children's Place for H-L-M. They were green, blue and pink...their colors. I had been searching for these for awhile, but none of the stores had the right sizes. Finally, I got them! They are going to look cute! We did a little more shopping, then headed to Key Lime Cove at 4 pm to check into our room. 

Our first stop was at the arts and crafts room. Bridget played with a felt board and colored a picture. After checking out what else the resort had to offer, we changed into our suits and headed to the water park. I thought the water park would have been bigger after seeing the commercials on television. Anyway, Bridget had lots of fun splashing in the kiddie pool and sliding down the slides. We took a lap around the lazy river and got beat up by the wave pool but had lots of fun watching Bridget play. She was brave enough to try to put her face under water. She even tried to swim on her own. I guess it's time to get her back into swim lessons!

Our stomachs put an early end to the water park. We headed back to our room and ordered Chili's To Go. While I was picking up our order, Grandma and Bridget went to story time. I'm sure Bridget had a blast. Grandma said the girl reading the books said she'd read two stories, but all the kids got up to leave after the first story. Except for Bridget. She sat waiting for another story. She certainly loves to read (just like her mom and dad)!

Bridget was still exhausted and ate most of her dinner on the bed. But a bit of food in her belly gave her her second wind. Anna and I were going to get some ice cream after dinner, and Bridget insisted on coming for a walk with us. It was 9 pm by now, and her usual bedtime is 8 pm. 

Anna and I got some ice cream and watched Bridget dance to the music provided by a DJ. He had bubbles, so Bridget would pop bubbles and dance. At one point the DJ threw out little toys, and none of the kids picked them up. Bridget brought a few back to me saying, "Look what I found on the floor, Mommy!" I said, "What else can you find?" and wouldn't you know, she picked up every last toy on the ground. I made her put all but a couple back, and then some of the other children picked up the toys. 

We also stuffed a special animal for Holly. At first I was going to get her a flamingo because Holly is long and lean like a flamingo. But this hippo kept calling out to me. Later that night, Grandma Kathie pointed out that the hippo had folded over ears just like Holly. So the hippo turned out to be very fitting of Holly. 

After that, it was lights out. Bridget fell asleep pretty quickly, and the three of us weren't far behind her. 

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the resort. We did some shopping there. Grandma bought Bridget a special animal. Bridget chose the flamingo I was considering for Holly. I also had animals stuffed for Liam and Megan. Liam got a dinosaur and Megan got a toucan. The animals were all so cute that it was hard to decide. Anna and I thought that the dinosaur was perfect for Liam. I wanted to get something with an annoying cry for Megan, because her cry is so annoying. Anna suggested a duck, but the ducks weren't as soft and cute as the other animals. Grandma said that birds squawked like Megan, so that's how I decided on the toucan. Bridget liked watching the girl stuff the animals. 

Bridget wanted to go back to the arts and crafts room to color more pictures. I also read three stories to her, then we had to get going. We checked out of the hotel, and went to Kohl's Super Saturday sale. Grandma and Anna found a few things, and I found matching Christmas dresses for the little girls two years from now. They were REALLY cute, and originally cost $44 each. I got them for $8.04 after tax. That's $8.04 for both dresses! Hopefully I'll remember in December 2010 that I have these dresses!

Then we headed home. Bridget didn't fall asleep until we dropped Anna and Grandma off at their house. I think she ended up sleeping for 3 hours! She sure did have a blast though. It was fun. Oh yah, and I got 8 hours of sleep...first time in over 2 months that I got more than 5 hours of sleep. 

I posted photos of our trip on My Mobile Me gallery. I also had to pull some of the older photos down because I was running out of space.

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