Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday & Saturday Outings


Wasn't Friday just a lovely day?! We were fortunate to have Aunt Mary over to help with the triplets. I had to get my allergy shots early in the morning, and when I came home, Mary was outside playing with Bridget and the triplets were down for a nap in their cribs! Amazing! I had a few minutes to decompress, shower, and straighten up a bit. 

When the triplets woke up from their nap, we fed them and all headed out to play in the gorgeous weather. Aunt Mary treated us to a picnic lunch from McDonalds. We ate outside at our local park. Bridget loved the picnic! She especially loved playing in the park when we finished eating. This was the first time the triplets were out in the fresh air. Of course, they pretty much slept the entire time. 

After the park, we took a short stroll down the bike path. Bridget looked for birds and sticks. It was so nice outside, none of us wanted to go back home, but we had to before the babies timer expired. 

Saturday was rather gloomy outside, but Shawn wanted to go to Sonic for breakfast. So we packed everyone into the minivan and ate breakfast at the drive-in. Bridget thinks it's so cool to eat in the car. She ate on the floor in front of her seat. She said that her french toast sticks were "huge" and "very good".

After Sonic, we decided to try to handle Target with the triplets. It was raining, but we managed to get everyone inside without getting too wet. We ended up putting Liam on a shopping cart (in his car seat) and had the girls in the double stroller. They were starting to get hungry again, so we did some very quick shopping. One of the employees came up to us and asked to look at the babies. She happened to be in charge of a Mothers of Multiples group in the Joliet area. It's a very small group, having only started up about a year ago. ( She gave me some info on MOM groups, and now I'm thinking of checking out this local group later this month at their monthly meeting. 

The rest of the rainy day, Bridget plopped herself in front of the tv. We don't usually let her watch more than an hour of tv a day (if that!) but I wanted to get some stuff done around the house and the tv kept her entertained. I'm guessing she watched at least 4 hours of tv today! That's a record for her. I ended up organizing my cabinet in the basement and getting some laundry done. Doesn't sound like much, but add in feeding the babies and doing arts & crafts with Bridget and the next thing you know it's 8 pm. I'm liking 8 pm these days. That has become triplet bedtime. Liam seems to be fairly consistent at sleeping from 8 pm till 4 am. The girls are more unpredictable. Tonight they both woke up between 9 and 10 pm wanting to be fed. It's after 1 am (and I don't know WHY I'm still up, I guess I'm just used to not sleeping) and everyone is still asleep. I take that last comment back. I know why I'm up. This is the only time the house is quiet enough to think and relax. Who needs sleep anyway!?!

I'll try to remember to post some photos later. 

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