Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Smiles and Quiet Times

Today was a fabulous day in the Morris house. First of all, I stood in line at 7 am to register Bridget for the school district preschool...a tuition based preschool for 3-5 year olds. Supposedly, it's really hard to get a spot at the school. I was 5th in line. When open enrollment began, the secretaries just carted everyone into the multi-purpose room and collected paperwork. I guess they must be hurting for students this year (the economy?) because everyone from the line was guaranteed a spot for the next school year. YEAY! So next year, Bridget will be attending Bonnie McBeth Learning Center four days a week for 2.75 hours a day. I'm really excited about this, it will be a great opportunity for Bridget. 

After that, neighbor Jeannie came over to help out with things. She's great! She played with Bridget, helped feed the babies, was spit up on, tried to insist that I rest (but I didn't listen!), and even finger painted with Bridget. She was very helpful to me today, and I have been really missing all of my regular helpers with Aunt Barb recovering from hip surgery and Dad recovering from lung cancer. We all wish Auntie Barb and Grandpa Bill a speedy recovery. Relax and get well, we'll all be fine here!

It seemed that the day flew by with Jeannie's help and next thing I knew Shawn was off to bowling and Joann was arriving to help. Meanwhile, Bridget had taken a 2.5 hour nap, and Jeannie promised to take her outside when she woke up, so they were in the yard playing. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:30 B and I finally had dinner. Joann held down the triplet fort while we ate our chicken and rice casserole.

Liam was playing up for Bridget and I. He was smiling away! I swear when I said, "Hi" he said "hi" back! It was very cute! Holly and Megan also were giving away smiles today. What a nice change from all the screams, cries, and spit-ups we've been overloaded with!

The best part of today came around 7:45 pm. Joann, Matt and Allison had gone back home, the babies were asleep in the living room, and B and I stole a few moments to read this pretty cool library book. It was a book about your skeleton because she was asking me about bones this week. Well, this book explained about your skeleton and bones in a pretty simple manner, but the pictures were over-layed with glow in the dark bones. So the picture of the girl's arm would glow with her arm bones. Anyway, B and I were in the dark with a flashlight, reading the book. Then I'd turn off the flashlight and the bones would light up. It was the coolest thing! I miss my  time with B. We don't get nearly enough of it anymore!

At 8 pm I put the babies down to bed and B and I started her bedtime ritual. By 8:45 everyone was asleep, and I actually allowed myself to sit down, relax and do nothing. Well, I guess I'm doing something...updating the blog! It's been nice listening to the sound of silence. (Is that Baby Tad I hear singing in the distance?) I don't want to jinx it, but I've had almost 2 hours to myself, "ah, Calgon take me away!"

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