Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grandma Joan's 70th Birthday gathering

Happy early 70th birthday Grandma Joan! We all love you very much!

Today we visited Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bill to celebrate Grandma Joan's 70th birthday. The Badali's, Goode's and Murray's were also there as well as Aunt Judy, Uncle Len and Aunt Rita. Aunt Rita was SO excited to finally meet Holly, Liam and Megan.

Aunt Rita (89 years & 4 months old) and Megan (3.5 months old) The oldest and youngest members of my family!

We all had Phil's Pizza for dinner, and cake afterwards.  Tina made a nice birthday cake that didn't survive the car ride to Burbank in one piece, but it was still delicious nonetheless. 

The visit was quite chaotic, with the 5 girls (Kaitlyn, Bridget, Allison, Morgan and Ann) all running around after Matt and/or screaming for no good reason, so at times the adults had to be inches away from each other in order to carry on a conversation. Highlights include: Morgan kicking Megan's head like a soccer ball, Kaitlyn crying in the corner because I made her get out of Grandma's birthday seat, Bridget visiting the naughty corner twice, Morgan smashing her head and not flinching, and Bridget pouting because Aunt Sandy called Kaitlyn "beautiful". Makes me wonder if things will be much different when these girls are about 13 years old!?!

Auntie Sandy brought her camera and backdrop to take photos of the kids, and I'll put them up on My Mobile Me when I get a chance. 

Shawn snuck out to Target because they had the video camera he wanted to buy on sale, plus they were offering a $20 gift card with purchase, AND they ran a $10 off coupon in their flyer! So I think we saved $60 on the video camera. The few videos that we have of the babies have been taken on my camera, and the quality stinks, so I'm really excited to have an updated video camera now. I can't wait to capture HLM's first taste of cereal soon, and of course, we'll be taking it with to Disney. 

Everyone was asking if we're getting the babies baptized, and the answer to that is "yes". Shawn and I just don't know when to have it. I'd prefer to have the baptism before I go back to work in the fall. We're also trying to figure out if we'll be hosting the "after-party" at our house or someplace else. Once we know the details, we'll pass along that information. We're fairly certain that the ceremony will be at St. Mary's in Plainfield (same church as Bridget's baptism) though Tina/Sandy were throwing out some interesting ideas about having a reverend friend do the baptism. So we'll see. We'll keep you all up-to-date as the details are finalized. 

A lightbulb went off in my head: Kaitlyn, Bridget, Allison, Morgan and Ann will now be referred to as KA-BAM. Seems to be a perfect anagram for the quintet!

As I was sitting at my Mom's dining room table with so many preschoolers & toddlers screaming and running circles around the house, it reminded me of the intro to Jon & Kate Plus 8..."It may be a crazy life...but it's OUR life."

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