Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twelve weeks old!


Our little babies are twelve weeks old and double their birth weights! Can you believe it? Where has all the time gone? Beats me! I haven't slept for most of those twelve weeks, it's a miracle I can still count to twelve! 

The past two nights the babies have given us the gift of sleep. We've been putting them down for bed at 8 pm, and the past two nights ALL THREE have slept till at least 4 am. That's huge for us! Megan is beginning to spit up a lot again, so we may have to call the doctor and see if we need to increase the dose of Zantac. We're giving it a day or two b/c she has spit up the past two doses of her medicine. 

A new neighbor has moved in across the street from us.  They have a little boy who is almost four---perfect for Bridget to play with. They also have an almost 1 year old daughter, an eventual play mate for the triplets.

By the way, I hate calling them "the triplets." Before they were born, I told myself that I wouldn't call them the triplets b/c I want them to be individuals, not one entity. But I'm finding it much easier to give in to "the triplets". It's just so much easier, especially since I do most of my blogging one-handed now (baby in other hand). So any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

Anyway, the new neighbor mom and I agreed that we'd probably be seeing a lot of each other this summer. She even volunteered to "give me a break from all those kids" every once in awhile. I'm all for that!!! Yeay new neighbor!

Bridget seems to be doing well sans Chesterbrook Academy. Last week she was asking Shawn and I lots of questions about bones, so when we went to the library for story time, I found a few books on bones. I'm going to try to theme her weeks like they did at school.  Today is library dy, so I'm going with  the whole St. Patrick's Day theme...if there's still any books left on the topic.  With the babies falling into a more regular schedule, I try to spend as much one-on-one time with Bridget as possible. Shawn or I always eat lunch with her, even if that means I'm feeding a baby at the table. I try to do one creative project with her per day. Sometimes it's painting, sometimes it's just coloring. Many of you have gotten these projects from Bridget. Almost always before she starts a project she decides who she's making the project for. It may be weeks until she sees that person, but she always remembers who gets what project. 

Lately, she's been interested in reading. This is where I wish I had to take an elementary reading class, because I have NO idea how to begin teaching her how to read! She knows her upper and most of her lower case letters. I've been trying the phonics route: having her sound out each letter, but she has a hard time blending the letters together to sound out the word. So I'm thinking I may make some flash cards of one, two and three letter words. Isn't that the whole language route? We'll see...I know she has lots of time to learn to read! 

She's also been practicing writing her name. That's all she really wants to write, and her letters have come a long way. Perhaps in a few more weeks, the average person will be able to decipher her name.

First line: BRIDE
Second line: GT and a picture of Mommy!

Since I have all this time home with Bridget (without working) I've been trying to tame her attitude. We're focusing on "advanced" manners such as not interrupting others when they are talking, and not talking to someone when they're on the phone, etc. She's always been really good with her "please" and "thank yous".  We're also trying to get her to stop all the whining and screaming. We've made progress on the screaming, and I'm not expecting to completely eliminate all the whining, but it's getting better. 

Shawn and I are trying to figure out a schedule for H-L-M. The only thing I absolutely need scheduled is getting all four of my babies down for naps. B will stay quiet in her room for 1-2 hours, even without sleeping. Now we just have to get H-L-M to coordinate their sleepy times! That would give me an hour or two to rest and/or get things done!

I think that will do it for the update! 

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