Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

Well the past two days turned out to be better than I expected.

Tuesday Noreen came over to help out with the babies. Bridget loved playing hide and seek with her, and of course Bridget kept Noreen busy reading books while the babies napped! I was able to sneak out and return my FREE Redbox rentals and I also had library books to return. It was election Tuesday, so I stopped by my polling place and did my civic duty. (What a blah election!)

In the afternoon, our friend Kristen came over to help out. The babies were napping, so Kristen and I helped Bridget make a couple Easter crafts. Bridget then had to rest, which was good, because the babies woke up and Kristen and I were able to feed babies without Bridget asking to play with her. 

Bridget didn't end up falling asleep, but she was pretty well behaved the rest of the evening. Everyone went to bed a bit later than usual, but we got through it. Overall, it was a nice day.

Today, our friend Kim came over to help out. After the babies ate, they took their nap. So Bridget, Kim and I played a mean game of Candyland. Bridget was trying to cheat by picking up several cards, looking for the premium cards, and Kim and I tried to explain to her that it's not fun playing with cheaters. I think she's a bit too young for this lesson, but we tried!

Then, right about lunch time, we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Auntie Tina, Kaitlyn and Ann. Oh, Bridget was in heaven with her volume turned up to eleven! It was pretty much chaos for the first half hour, then all the kids sat down to eat lunch with Tina while Kim and I tended to the babies.

After lunch, I took Kaitlyn, Bridget and Ann outside to play while Tina (hopefully) relaxed inside while Holly, Liam and Megan took a nap. It was fun playing outside with the three girls. Usually it's just Bridget and I...which is fun, but it's much more fun watching the girls interact with each other! So we rode bikes, trikes and inchworms on the driveway. Bridget and Kaitlyn ran the entire length of our block chasing after the garbage man. My, how they loved the garbage men. I think we were visited 3 times by various garbage trucks. Each time the girls would run to the end of the drive, wave at the garbage man, and watch him do his job. The guy that picks up the regular trash (not the recycle guy) stopped to talk for awhile. He told me that the girls were beautiful (not in a creepy way, in a nice way) and told me that I need to teach my neighbors how to tie up their garbage bags. I guess lots of people on our block don't tie up their garbage bags when they put it in the can. Then when he dumps the cans into his truck, the garbage flies out everywhere, making a mess. So advice from the garbage man: Be kind to your fellow neighbors, and tie up your trash! Maybe this is why there's so much trash under our deck! I know that we have the "wind tunnel" in our yard and we tend to gather everyone else's trash, but I guess that trash comes from the people who don't tie up their garbage bags!

Anyway, the girls had lots of fun playing in the yard and coloring with chalk and having running races. After awhile, they wanted a water break, so we came in to get water and never made it outside again. 

Of course the afternoon was filled with all the toddler drama: tantrums, screaming, laughing, not sharing, snatching toys, turn-taking, blah, blah, blah but it was fun. Tina decided to stay for dinner, and since Auntie Sandy, Uncle Kurt and Morgan were coming over to help too, it turned out to be a regular party! 

We ordered up some Beggars Pizza and chowed down. As the girls got more and more tired, the tears began to flow. Bridget screamed, Kaitlyn whined, Ann ate, Morgan played with toys, and the triplets slept, ate or cried. It wasn't too bad though! Tina and her crew left first. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Kurt helped me put Holly, Liam and Megan to bed, then left to put little Morgan to bed.  Soon thereafter, Bridget was asleep and I was able to finish cleaning up the house. 

Shawn's due back after midnight tonight. I'm sleeping in tomorrow...I've deserved it!

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