Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two Cute Stories

Ok, the first story requires a bit of background info...

April 4th was Ryan's confirmation party. Near the end of the party, Matt runs downstairs and announces, "Bridget and Kaitlyn are playing with Aunt Karen's lotion." So Shawn runs up there to find that Bridget had covered her face with some cream. Proactive, I believe. Shawn was ANGRY. The next thing we hear is Bridget's super loud cry. (Is there anything she does quietly?!) Dave goes upstairs and talks to Kaitlyn. 

Bridget comes downstairs and is supposed to apologize to Aunt Karen for using her lotion without asking. Of course, she doesn't want to apologize, but eventually says the words. Shawn and I try to explain to Bridget that she shouldn't put any kind of lotion on without asking us first because the lotion might be dangerous to her. She seems to get it, but is still pouting.

Fast forward to yesterday...Bridget and I were on our way to the YMCA so that I could work out. Once you stop laughing, I'll continue...

Seriously, I started going to the Y again this week and Bridget has been coming with. So I'm driving and I hear in the sweetest voice, "I'm really sorry for using Auntie Karen's cream."
"That's ok, Bridget, next time ask Mom or Dad before putting cream on."
"I'm REALLY sorry for using Auntie Karen's cream. I love you mommy."
"I love you too Bridget. Thank you for apologizing. You just made a mistake. Do you know what a mistake is?"
"Like steak?! A food?"
"No sweetheart. A mistake is when you do something wrong, like when you took Auntie Karen's lotion without asking."
Then we both took turns making up examples of mistakes. But I love that she thought making a mistake was like making a steak. How cute!

The second story happened today. It's Saturday, and we're out of groceries, so Shawn and I decide to order a pizza for dinner. Shawn and I are on this new budget where we each have a certain amount of spending money per month to use for entertainment, food, personal stuff, etc. So Shawn and I were discussing who should use their spending money to pay for the pizza. Meanwhile, Bridget runs to her bedroom, and comes back with her wallet and purse. She opens her wallet and pulls out a dollar. "Here Daddy, you can use my money to buy the pizza!" What a sweet girl! 

One last note: Liam was laughing out loud today.  I was playing "Up, down, all around" with him and he was just laughing up a storm. Very cute!

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