Friday, June 7, 2013

Hip Surgery: Day 3

So today is supposed to be the last "bad" day, then the pain should start residing. I'm going to trust the doctor and all his experience on this one.

I ended up sleeping until about 6 am. Took my meds, hobbled around a bit. Snuggled with the kids, who slowly began waking up before 7 am. Shawn went to the Donut Den for a free dozen donuts, thanks to their punch card reward system. The kids got ready for camp, and they were off.

I dozed off a bit while Shawn transported the kids to camp. When he got back, he cleaned up the kitchen and I was feeling pretty good, so I ended up washing my hair in the sink. Man did that feel good!

Late morning and early afternoon, Shawn and I hung out on the couch watching Pawn Stars and Master Chef. I don't remember the last time we got to "hang out" in our house with no children around! It was sort of nice. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Shawn has been. I'm trying to be reasonable with my requests of him, and he hasn't complained once. Last night, he had a migraine, and still made sure I was comfortable and had all the things I needed within arm's reach.

It is pretty amazing how quickly the body can heal. Yesterday I was in tears, my leg was so stiff and sore. I couldn't move my leg even one inch to the right or left. Today, though still a bit stiff, I can move more than an inch without flinching in pain. Yesterday tilting my hips even a tiny bit would send pain shooting down my leg. Today, I haven't felt any of that.  I'm also amazed that the actual incision points haven't been an issue. I haven't seen them, but the doctor said I'd have 3 small incision wounds, each with a few stitches. I haven't felt the stitches pull or itch. I think they're more towards the top of my thigh, and I'm surprised with all the movement that part of a body gets, that I haven't felt anything sore. (Give it time, right?!?)

Crutching around has been fun too. I've had a week or two to practice prior to surgery, and I knew I could do it, but I also knew a week ago that I could put my bad leg down and no damage would be done. I knew that I was probably crutching incorrectly last week because I wasn't putting my power through the crutch as the Physical Therapist suggested. Well, once you have to do it for real, you kind of figure it out. Although I'm slow, I feel like I'm doing it the correct way. My armpits are not sore, so I must be putting my power through the crutch. It feels good to be upright. It feels good getting that blood flowing throughout my whole leg. My right ankle is swollen even though I am doing my ankle stretches to keep the blood moving around. Five minutes of standing up helps alleviate some of that swelling.

Now that I'm feeling a ton better I want to do something productive. Silly me thought that I'd be finishing off Common Core State Standards precalculus assessments, planning out my lessons for the first chapter of CCSS Geometry Honors AND reading a couple of neglected books on my Kindle. I think I'll turn my attention to Bridget's digital scrapbook of her year in first grade.

I spent the evening working on the scrapbook, sleeping, and staring at the television. There is very little pain in my leg. I mean, my muscles are achy as if I've been through the toughest work-out of my lift, but that nerve pain hasn't come around. YEAY! The six hours between Vicodin passed easily. I wasn't counting the minutes until I could take another dose.

I did try to go sleep in my bed again. Bad idea. Remind me not to try that for another day or two. I was able to lay down, and SLOWLY rotate myself so that I was in the normal position, but being flat on my back did nothing for my leg. The triplets wanted to snuggle with me, so I stayed long enough to spend some precious snuggle time with them, then headed back to my recliner.

Sleep was good. I didn't wake up at all overnight...well, I slept from 9 pm until 1 am. Took my meds, then slept until 6:30 am. All in all, Day 3 was a GREAT day!

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