Monday, June 10, 2013

Hip Surgery: Day 6

I'm almost back to "normal".  I mean, I'll be limping for probably another week, but there's very little remaining that I can't do.

So today is Sunday. Bridget had a softball game at 9 am, so everyone was up early and out of the house by 8:20. Including me. It was so nice to be outside, the morning air was cool. Bridget played well, but the team lost. They didn't even score a run.

After the game, we took the kids to one of our neighborhood parks. This particular park had been closed for the past several weeks while it was being remodeled. We had noticed that it was open, so we wanted to check it out. It has a big playground area, a toddler playground area, a new monkey bar area, and some updated swings. It was fun watching them explore. Though there was more than a few times where I wanted to be near them as they climbed higher on the monkey bars, just in case they fell. Everyone did well, and there were no injuries.

Next up, lunch. Shawn has been doing a fantastic job holding down the fort and doing just about everything, so I can't complain that I haven't had a non-take-out meal since before surgery. That's just "dad's way of cooking." The kids certainly don't mind visiting all the local restaurants. Today we went to Smiley's, a hot dog stand near Plainfield Central High School. The kids must have been starving, because Megan and Holly each ate 3 big chicken strips and fries, AND they finished a good portion of my gyro meat. Bridget ate over half of a gyro and fries, and Liam also ate 2 chicken fingers and fries. We're going to go broke trying to feed them when they hit their teenage years!

After filling our bellies, we decided to do some shopping at Kohl's. Why not?!? I was hanging in there, and my leg was not hurting at all. Of course things never go according to plans. Shawn went in looking for some clothes, and ended up only buying two packages of socks. Bridget got some new PJs, Liam and Holly got new shoes, all of the triplets picked out new underpants, the little girls got new pj dresses with matching doll dress, Liam got pjs, a soccer outfit, an Angry Birds t-shirt, and I think that was it. It was just really nice being out as a family again. It was funny when Shawn would accidentally leave me with the basket. "Oh yah, you can't push that, can you?" I also laughed when Holly had her hands full with her new shoes and underpants in her arms. She looked up at me and asked, "Mom? Can you....? Forget it!" Megan was my little sweetie. She walked next to me and held my hand at times. So stinking sweet!

So after our big Kohl's shopping spree, it was time to go home. I guess it must have been too much family time, because once in the house, it was like everyone put themselves into time-out. Shawn rested in his room. I rested on the recliner, the triplets went downstairs to play, and Bridget to her room. After a bit, it went back to normal, and all the usual activities resumed. Holly and I put together her Lego Friends pool, Bridget, Megan and Liam watched a movie with Shawn.

The rest of the evening was really boring for me. The tv was on, I played too much Candy Crush, Facebooked and Pinterested, and waited for sleep to take over. Unfortunately, that wasn't until about 1 am. Ugh.

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