Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hip Surgery: Day 5

1 tablet every 8 hours. I'd like to get off the meds as soon as possible, but I'm not stupid either. It's not worth being in pain just to be off the meds. So that's my appropriate dosage now.

The most amazing thing happened at 1:50 am today. I woke up, achy, since it was time for my next Vicodin. One of my cats, Isaak, was lying on the arm of the recliner. That's nothing special, since Isaak is usually the cat that will lay next to me at bedtime. So I took my meds, then slowly got myself out of the chair so that I could use the bathroom. Isaak hopped down from the chair and started meowing. Nonstop meownig. Meow. Meow. Meow! Then, with each step on my crutches, Isaak moved right along with me. He stayed only an inch or two from my crutch. Meowing the whole time. It was like he was telling me that he was going to stay with me and make sure I made it safely to the bathroom. Either that or he was trying to wake Shawn up so that Shawn could walk with me. It was really weird though, because cats aren't really ones for keeping pace with humans. They like to race you everywhere...race up and down the stairs, race to the living room, etc. But my dear Isaak paced me all the way to the bathroom. I made it just fine, and Isaak hopped up onto the sink and just watched me do my thing, again meowing non-stop. (odd, I know!) When I was done, he hopped off of the sink as I slowly stood up. Then he paced me to the bedroom. I wanted to tell Shawn what was going on, but he was dead to the world. I guess Isaak was happy that I was attempting to talk to Shawn, because he backed off.

"What do you need?" Shawn asked sleepily.
"Nothing. Just walking around a bit. I had to go to the bathroom."
"Ok." and Shawn was out again that quickly.

I thought about attempting to sleep an hour or two in our bed but recalling the last two attempts, thought that wouldn't be wise. Our bed sits very high up, and it's hard to swing my leg that high up, as well as it being terribly difficult to twist my hips to any degree. So I just sat for a minute to rest. When I got back up, Isaak came out from under the bed, and walked me right back to my recliner. Meowing the whole time. Once I got myself all tucked in, he hopped back onto the arm of the chair and drifted off to sleep along side of me.

So it's Saturday, and Bridget has a softball game. Not too many of them left. I would like to go see her play, but I fear being terribly uncomfortable sitting on the bleachers for a long period of time, and it's not like I can drive myself home if that happens. So I'm going to stay home.

I took a nice nap on the couch---yeay! Change of scenery in terms of my sleeping spots. I was able to sleep both on my stomach and on my left side. That's good too. My neck has been getting terribly stiff from sleeping in the recliner for all these days. So I'm pretty excited about being able to sleep on the couch.

The rest of the family came home in the late afternoon. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We watched television. The kids played out in the yard a bit. We had dinner. The usual. Liam and I made some key lime cupcakes. That was my excitement for the day.

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