Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So this hip thing... The Good: 1. I can walk down the stairs like a big kid. You know, right foot, left foot, repeat. 2. I can SOMETIMES walk up the stairs like a big kid too, but still sometimes have to go left/right on one step, left/right on the next step, repeat. 3. I'm sleeping in a bed again! 4. Rolling over in the bed (twisting my hips) doesn't usually bother me too much. 5. I haven't relied on my crutches since Friday. 6. The past two days, I haven't really noticed much of a limp to my walk. 7. I've been off all the pain meds for quite a while now. 8. I got Bridget's First Grade Scrapbook and a lot of school planning done the first two weeks of recovery since I didn't feel like doing much else. 9. The next two weeks should involve cleaning much clutter from the house. 10. Physical therapy should be starting any day now. The Bad: 1. I can't sleep on my bad side yet. Mainly it hurts the stitches, not necessarily the joint, but I like sleeping on my side, so I can't wait for this to change status. 2. I can't squat. Or maybe I'm just afraid to squat. I haven't tested the joint out that much. 3. Sitting upright on hard chairs for long periods of times = can't walk for at least 5 minutes, and the first few steps are painful. 4. I absolutely HATE not being able to do everything that I want to do. 5. Pretty sure I'll be going through the same thing with my left hip in 6-12 months. The Ugly: 1. Stitches come out tomorrow. At least the good outweighs the bad, so I'm pleased with my progress. I think as of this very moment, I'm no worse than I was the day before surgery. Considering that I'm not taking ANY medications for pain now, and pre-surgery I was taking 1000 mg of Naproxen a day, perhaps I'm doing even slightly better than the day before surgery. The doc says it could be 3-6 months before everything finally feels totally fixed, and I will trust his expertise. I can't wait for that day!

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