Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Party

Just a quick thank you to everyone who attended Bridget's party. She had a great time and really enjoyed all of her gifts. We've been playing with all the new toys, and putting new clothes into her dresser drawers. 

She's so cute, she always wants to know who got her what. So if she's getting dressed in the morning, she'll ask, "Did you buy me this shirt, Mom? Is it from Target?" and I'll have to give her the details of where the shirt came from. If it was from me, she'll say, "Thanks for the buying me this shirt, Mom." It's really cute! And her memory is flawless! She'll remember everything I tell her. So I'm looking forward to conversations with Bridget about her new birthday clothes!

Also, thanks to everyone who cared for Holly, Megan and Liam during the party. It's nice to get a break! Thanks to Grandma Joan for letting us borrow her house for the party. And great cake, Tina! You did a wonderful job on the Glass Slipper cake!


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