Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cleaning out the closet

I've been cleaning out the triplet's closet for days now. Trying to wash, fold, sort, and find storage for all the wonderful clothes that people have bought or passed on to us. I'm very grateful for the clothes, but I'm sick of doing laundry! And seriously, the babies have plenty of clothes in all sizes from preemie through 9 months. 

We've been very lucky to have had Aunt Barb and Uncle Pat spend a good part of the day with us yesterday. This allowed Shawn some time to run errands, and I was able to go to my district office to fill out paperwork. I then stopped by PHSCC for a very brief visit with the office workers and math department. It was nice to see familiar faces again, and good to know that they haven't forgotten me.

Today we were lucky to have Auntie Anna and her friend Megan over to watch Holly, Liam and Megan while Shawn and I took Bridget to her 3 year visit with the pediatrician. It took an hour before we were even called back to the exam room. Of course, Bridget's doing well, but we knew that. She's officially 32 lbs. and 37.5 inches tall. That puts her right smack dab at the 50th percentile. Bridget was very quiet during the exam, so Dr. didn't hear her talk at all, and asked if she's trying to put together sentences yet. Shawn and I had to laugh at that. "She tells us stories!" He asked if she's trying to draw circles instead of scribbling. "She's drawn faces of family members with eyes, noses, mouths and ears!" Dr. said drawing a face with features is a 4 year old milestone. (Yeay, Bridget!)

So then he said she's due for a hepatitis shot and urine sample. Surprisingly, she handled the shot with just a little whine. No tears. I think I was closer to tears than she was! Getting the urine sample was interesting. I tried to get it first, but she couldn't go. So she downed some water, and peed in the cup for Shawn. She was so proud that she ran down the hallway, right past the room where I was waiting, screaming, "I peed in a cup, Mommy! I did it!" The nurses got a kick out of that.

That was our morning. In the afternoon and evening, I tackled more laundry, and storing of the baby clothes. Shawn grocery shopped for the week and took out lots of trash. Bridget had lots of fun playing with Aunt Anna. 

Anna got Bridget ready for bed and read her bedtime stories, which Bridget LOVED. Before we knew it all was silent in the Morris house. WHEW! Thus, I was able to have a few minutes to play online. 

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