Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bridet's Winter Program

Today was Bridget's Winter Program for day care.  It was originally scheduled for a Saturday in December, but the weather was bad. That turned out good for us because we wouldn't have made it to the previous date. But today, Shawn offered to stay with the babies so I could watch Bridget's performance. 

It was very cute! Each classroom sang a song or two.  The littlest kids just shook bells to the tune of jingle bells while the older kids did more elaborate dances and hand gestures to holiday songs.  Bridget's class sang Rudolph, Jingle Bells, and S-A-N-T-A. She actually sang the words too! I was very proud of her.

After the show we had a cookie, talked about the show, and headed home. It was very nice to spend some time alone with Bridget. I think we both miss all the time we used to spend together while I was home on house rest.  On the other hand, I wished that Shawn and the babies could be there too.

I've posted photos and a very poorly shot video of her performance in My Mobile Me Gallery. Sorry about the video. The room was crowded, and it was hard to keep my hand steady. Bridget's behind the two boys at the far right side of the stage. 

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