Saturday, January 3, 2009

Triplets: In Numbers

Statistics for the week of December 27, 2008- January 2, 2009

0 hours of free time Shawn and I have per day.
1 of the largest canisters of formula every 3-4 days.
2 loads of dishes (at least) we do a day in the dishwasher.
2.5-3 hours of continuous sleep at night.
3 infants in our house.
4 children three and under in our house.
4 hours between feedings at night.
7-8 feedings per baby per day.
8-9 hours per day spent feeding babies. (That's 8 hours for me AND 8 hours for Shawn!)
10 loads of baby laundry per week.
15 total loads of laundry (at least) per week.
50 minutes was the shortest time it took to feed the babies overnight.
70 minutes average time it takes to feed the babies overnight.
136 bottles per week.
146 diapers per week.
countless photos taken per week!

Anyone looking for a way to help out?!? Here's a few ideas:

--Take Bridget off our hands for an hour or two. She is a big help to us, and she tells us she loves the babies, but she also could use some extra attention. There are many times a day she asks to do something with Shawn or I and we have to tell her "not now" because we're caring for the babies. She loves reading books, playing games, and doing arts and craft projects.

--Help watch the babies in the day time so Shawn or I can catch up on sleep or housework. 

--We can always use diapers (newborn or larger) or formula (Similac Isomil Advance or any soy based formula, powder or liquid).

--Volunteer on a Thursday night. Shawn bowls Thursday nights, and I need someone to help me survive feeding the triplets and putting Bridget to bed.

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