Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Freed From My Prison & Triplets Are Two Weeks Old

Can you believe it has been two weeks already??? What a wonderful two weeks as well.  Lots of people have been by to visit and check out the triplets.  Thank you to everyone who has brought over food, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. 

A special "thank you" goes out to Anna, Grandma Kathie and Aunt Mary (Morris) for spending several nights with us, helping us feed Holly, Liam and Megan in the wee hours of the night and allowing Shawn and I to get a few extra hours of sleep. 

Today I had my post-delivery appointment with the doctor. My neighbor, Jeannie drove me while Shawn stayed home with the triplets. Bridget was at school. At the doctor's office, I was the center of attention. All the nurses came out from the back to say hello. I had brought two photos for their bulletin board, and all the ladies oohed and ahhed over the world's cutest triplets. I was called back right away, and the first thing you do is step on the scale. When I took off my coat, the nurse was like, "Holy cow! I bet you feel like you've lost a whole person!" Then I "wa-hooed" when I saw that I weighed in at my pre-pregnancy weight. Awesome! 

The appointment with the doctor took a whole 5 minutes. Everything was fine. After returning home, I checked in with Shawn, helped him out with feeding Holly, Liam and Megan, then I grabbed the car keys and went out, on my own, unsupervised, able to drive the car myself. What freedom! It's probably been 6-8 weeks since I've driven by myself. It's been even longer since I was able to walk around a store in a leisurely manner! So I went to my favorite store: Target. Actually, I went to Dominicks to pick up a few groceries, then went to Target, then went to Walgreens, then picked up Bridget at school. 

Bridget was so excited to see me at her school. It's been a REALLY long time since I've picked her up from school. I have been to her school with Shawn as recently as mid-November, but I haven't been there to pick her up since maybe September. Bridget showed me her potty chart at school, and all of her projects that she has made. It was very cute! One of the teachers told me that Bridget was such a pleasure to be around. This teacher takes care of the younger children, so she's not used to having conversations with the children. She told me she loves talking to Bridget, and finding out what's on Bridget's mind. 

I've been posting more photos to My Mobile Me gallery. Click the link at the right to see updated photos of the babies and photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

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