Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maybe next week

Another doctor visit, as another week comes to an end. This appointment was with my regular doctor. Fetal monitoring went quickly, and doc says that all three are doing great. He told me to ask the specialist on Monday about possible delivery. Doc also said that until now he and the specialist have been allowing my body to decide when the babies will be born. In his opinion, 35 weeks should be well sufficient for triplets, and mine have been doing great with no issues. He's a bit concerned about my previous c-section scar and whether it can handle any further stretching. So now he wants to see what the specialist has to say about it. I'm hoping they decide to put me out of my misery!

So that's about it. If I go into labor before Monday, then I just get to head to the hospital. Otherwise, we're waiting to see what the specialist has to say on Monday. Perhaps I'll get to schedule the delivery next week. We'll see!

As for Bridget, she has a busy and parent-free day today. She woke up, had breakfast with us, we got her bathed and dressed, and she headed off to school. Shawn bowls tonight, and since I can't take care of her on my own, she's going to spend the evening at Auntie Karen's house. When Shawn picks her up after bowling, she'll probably fall asleep during the ride home. 

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