Sunday, December 14, 2008

Delivery Day Eve

I think pretty much everyone knows that at my Thursday doctor visit, my doc said he wanted to schedule delivery. His opinion differs from the specialist, but that was ok with me! My doc said at 36 weeks, the babies are fully mature and considered term, and waiting for nature to take its course means just waiting for something bad to happen. So I said, "Well, Monday's my birthday." and he said, "Would you want to have the babies on your birthday?" I said, "Sure! It's not like I celebrate my birthday anymore. After 21 it's all downhill." He shook his head and agreed. It was kinda funny. 

After that, came the stream of nurses that have been taking care of me the past 8 months. They were all so excited, and glad that he finally gave me the news that I wanted to hear. One nurse was actually crying because she was so touched that the babies would be born on my birthday. Another nurse told me that she was at Bridget's delivery and that she'd be at the triplets' delivery. 

Shawn was waiting for me in the waiting room (since I can't drive anymore) as I came out with a huge smile on my face. "Did they tell you?" I asked. "No." he said. "We're delivering the babies on Monday." He laughed a nervous laugh and said, "Really?" Yep. It's finally over!

All weekend I've been doing last minute things. I baked and froze a lasagne. Shawn and I finished doing almost all the laundry in the house. I double checked my hospital bags, and made sure Bridget had a bag packed in case she ends up spending the night somewhere. I tried to wrap Christmas presents, but didn't get very far. 

Surprisingly, I'm not too nervous yet about the operation. I have my moments, but overall I've been sleeping well, and I've had some relatively ache-and-pain-free days. I really think if the doc didn't schedule the c-section, I'd probably make it another week or two. There's been no signs of my going into labor!

As for Bridget, we've been preparing her that Monday when Daddy picks her up from school, she is going to go to the hospital to see the triplets. I had to tell her that they won't be in my belly anymore, and she said, "Then your belly won't be fat anymore?" Well, sorta! She then said, "The doctor is going to cut them out of your belly? I don't want to see them when they are all red. I want to see them when they are clean." Me too, sweetie! So I think she gets it. 

By the way, she got the "all red" thing from watching the baby shows on tv. It doesn't phase her to watch the babies being born on tv, and all the babies come out red and slimy. That's also how she knows about doctors cutting the babies out of bellies. 

We have told her that the babies are coming home to live with us and that they'll be sleeping in the crib. "MY crib?!?" "Yes, Bridget, you sleep in a big girl bed now, the babies need to use the crib."

On the potty front...she's getting better. She doesn't fight us trying to poop on the potty anymore. We've had 2 dry days in December. That's progress. We're still working on her taking the initiative to go to the potty on her own. Mostly, we tell her to go and she goes. 

Ok, so the rest of tonight's activities include dinner with John and Kathie. Watching the Survivor finale. Making sure everything is ready to go by 6 am tomorrow. And probably a bit of freaking out on my part. (And probably Shawn's too!) Hopefully, I'll get a bit of sleep in too. 

Here's the hospital's website for those interested:

I couldn't find the Family Birthing Suites visiting hours, but I think it's something like noon to 8 pm. Grandparents can visit 24 hours. 

Shawn will have his and my cell phones, and he'll start contacting people as soon as he can. 

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