Thursday, December 18, 2008

Triplets: Day 3 in the Hospital

Our day started with the triplets being rolled into the room at 6:30. They all did well in the nursery, but the nurses called them the "night owls" of the bunch. Shortly thereafter we were visited by my doc and the pediatrician. My doc pretty much said I'm good to go. My blood pressure has been a bit elevated, but he didn't seem too concerned. The pediatrician said that he was pleased with all three babies, and that they were perfect and healthy. He also didn't think that a formula change from milk to soy-based was necessary because the babies were probably spitting up on day 1 because they were clearing out other junk from their systems. So he said if we wanted to try a milk based formula we could do so. While the pediatrician was visiting, we had two unexpected visitors: two nurses from the OBGYN office. That was really nice. But they had "snuck out" of the office and were hoping not to run into their boss on the maternity floor. I told them that dr. was here, and he had just finished Liam's circumcision.  In any case, they were anxious to meet the triplets whom they had taken care of for so long. 

A bit later, Shawn left to pick up Bridget from Tina's house. Joann stopped by just in time to help me feed all three who were starting to get restless. A few minutes later, Aunt Barb and Danielle stopped by for a visit. It was really nice seeing everyone. I'm mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures of Joann, Aunt Barb and Danielle with the babies! Well, they will just have to hold the babies again so I can get some cute pictures! 

Shortly after my visitors left, Shawn came back with Bridget. We all hung out in the room. Bridget played with her many gifts that she's been receiving. Shawn and I cared for the babies. Bridget liked going to the pantry to get Mommy water, and she liked wandering the halls with Daddy. We all had dinner together in the room. Bridget was exhausted but very helpful. She helped to swaddle the babies and she loved holding Megan. She kissed Megan's head and held her tight. When I asked if I could put Megan back in her bed, Bridget honestly responded, " you can't." 

Soon enough, Daddy and Bridget went back home. Bridget has school tomorrow, so they needed to sleep at our house. I was left to survive on my own with the three babies. I made it through their "final" feeding at midnight. It took me until 1:20 am to feed all three on my own. And I was just trying to nurse the three, and the nursery was going to supplement them after I was done. So one by one, I'd nurse, then call a nurse, and the nurse would take the baby to the nursery to finish feeding. (too many "nurses" in that sentence!) So if that wasn't enough, I still needed vitals and a quick check-up done at 1:20. This nurse was very thorough, and I don't think I was asleep until after 2 am.  The babies were going to stay in the nursery for their next feeding so I could get some sleep. 

Photos of today are posted on My Mobile Me Gallery

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