Sunday, December 7, 2008

A wonderful weekend

What a great weekend. We had lots of family fun! Friday night we went to visit Grandpa John, Grandma Kathie and Uncle Colin in Burbank. Bridget had LOTS of fun playing with Colin. Of course, Grandma and Bridget shared lots of laughs over their favorite counting book. They always end the book by "eating" the candies on the last page. Grandma sent us home with some very cute outfits for the triplets. 

Saturday was a productive day. Shawn managed to get the Christmas stuff down from the attic without my help. I don't know how he did it, but he did! Tree and all! Then he set up the tree while I took all the ornaments out of their boxes. I'm SO glad that we bought a pre-lit last year (Black Friday deal!). It came in very handy this year! Shawn and I worked together to put on the garland. Once all the ornaments were ready to go, Bridget and Shawn loaded up the tree. Bridget really liked putting the ornaments on, and she was very possessive of "her" ornaments. She wanted to put on all the ornaments, even the breakable ones. If you see our tree, you'll know how tall Bridget is, because all the ornaments that she put on are at the same height all the way around the tree. And many branches have 2 or 3 ornaments on them. (I haven't moved them yet!) I must say, this was the first year that I didn't set up the tree, and Shawn and Bridget did an excellent job. Maybe I'll sit back and relax every year now!

Saturday night, we decorated the basement with lighted garland around the foundation wall, and holiday dolls on top. Bridget liked helping with that too. She's really a great helper. Always willing to get you the things that you need. I don't know how many times she ran upstairs to get more dolls, while Shawn and I were setting up the basement. 

Sunday was kind of a lazy morning. Since we were up late, Bridget woke up late. We all kind of did our own thing until lunch time. Then, as Bridget would say, "we ate lunch as a family." Oh yah, while Bridget was playing with her Potato Heads, she made a lovely potato that she insisted looked like Grandpa John. Sorry Grandpa...I tried to see if she meant Grandma Joan or Grandma Kathie, but she insisted it was you. She said it looked just like you. Photo of "Grandpa John Potato Head" at the top of the entry.

Sunday afternoon, Shawn did a lot of cleaning and Bridget helped him out. Shawn's been doing a lot around the house and for me lately. I'm very proud of him! Bridget also pooped on the potty this afternoon, so we told her that after dinner we would have popcorn and hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express. She was excited about that. 

So that was our evening. Family movie night. Bridget loved the movie, and I was surprised that she didn't get all scared when the train started going on it's roller coaster ride. She was more upset when the boy lost the ticket. She liked her not-so-hot chocolate, and of course, ate most of the bag of microwave popcorn by herself! She made the comment, "Hey, they're drinking hot chocolate just like us, Mommy!" Mommy always has these tricks up her sleeve! No coincidence there, sweetie!

After the movie, Shawn and I realized that Bridget stayed dry all day. YEAY! I think this is only her 2nd dry day, so that's really great. She's less resistant to trying to poop on the potty when we ask her to try, so hopefully she'll continue to get better and better at using the potty. We told her how proud we were of her, and gave her lots of hugs and kisses for being dry all day. So what did she say? "Mama, I'm going to give YOU hugs and kisses because you were dry all day. You put all your pee and poops on the potty today. Give me a kiss and a big hug." What a sweetie. Shawn must have had an accident, because he didn't get the same treatment, and he was sitting right next to us. 

And that's pretty much it from our end. It's Sunday night, so Shawn and I will watch Desperate Housewives. I'll probably go to bed shortly thereafter. I've been on my feet a bit more than I would have liked to this weekend, and my feet and ankles are all swollen as a result, so I need to rest a whole bunch tonight and tomorrow. 

We're headed to the specialist tomorrow afternoon to see what he thinks about the delivery. Will he recommend that I schedule the delivery, or will he recommend that we wait until my body decides to deliver the babies? That is the big question now! I'm hoping for the first, but won't be surprised at his recommendation either way. Hey, I've made it 2 weeks past the average due date for triplets. Amazing!

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