Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 3: Epcot

Bridget slept until she woke up on her own. We had breakfast at the hotel and went to Epcot. 

The first thing we did was wait in line to meet the fab 5: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. It was about a half hour wait, but they played short cartoons, so B was entertained while we waited. 

After that, we headed to The Seas. We rode the Nemo ride, looked around all the aquariums, found Nemo, then went to Turtle Talk with Crush. That was really cute. The kids sat in the front of the theater and the adults sat in the back of the theater. When the show was over, all the kids scurried around the theater and it was a bit chaotic. Bridget started to freak out because she couldn't find us. She screamed for us, and began crying. At least she stayed put. Since we arrived at WDW, I've been telling her if she gets lost, she should stay calm, try to find a police officer, employee (someone wearing purple pants!) or nice adult and tell them you're lost. She was scared and cried, but at least she didn't go running around.  Oh well, I guess we'll work on that. Shawn did teach her what hotel we were staying at and she knew we had to take the A bus to get there and she knew our room number!

After the Seas, we headed to the World Showcase for lunch with the princesses in Norway. That was pretty neat. When we arrived, Bridget took her photo with Belle. We sat down, ate lunch, and just before dessert, the princesses began making their rounds in our area. B was very patient waiting at our table for each princess. First Aurora, then Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel.I don't remember what B said to each princess except Snow White. She asked Snow White who her favorite dwarf was and she said, "Well, I just love them all so much, I don't have a favorite one!"  When Ariel left, B began screaming (and you all know how LOUD she is) because she wanted more princesses to come by. Basically, a mini tantrum. I was about to take her out of the restaurant when she calmed down. 

Bridget and I went to the restroom before leaving the restaurant. I don't know how it even happened, but she managed to pee all over the place while sitting on the potty! Pee was pooled up in her underpants! Ugh! She rarely has accidents anymore, so WHY now!?!? So I text Shawn from the restroom asking him to bring her change of clothes over. (At least I was prepared for such an occasion!) No reply. I call his cell, no reply. Now I'm steaming. I've gotta clean up the restroom, clean up Bridget, and she's naked from the waist down in this tiny restroom. Do I leave B in the restroom alone, while I run to our table and get her extra clothes? It's only about 50 feet away? I'd be gone a minute or two. Do I bring Bridget out of the restroom with her naked butt? Do I put her wet clothes back on, grab her clothes and clean and change her again?Do I ask another mom to watch B while I grab the clothes?  I called Shawn's cell again. No answer. Grumbled. Bridget's dancing around the restroom. Another mom was hanging out at the sink with her daughter. She asked if she could watch B while I got the clothes. I thanked her profusely, said I'd be back in a flash, sprinted to our table, yelled at Shawn about not having his cell handy, and got back to change B. 

Seriously! Shawn can't even eat dinner with us without playing around on his phone, and when I really need him to answer his phone...grr! 

Ok, so that's over. Now we walk through the World Showcase checking out all the countries. Each country has a kid's corner where you can color a mask and add a paper charm to it. B LOVED this! It was good too, because she only had to walk a bit before she got to rest and color. 

It took the rest of the day to make it around the World. We stopped for photos with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. We had dinner in Norway. We watched the Illuminations fireworks before leaving for the night. 

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