Saturday, March 28, 2009

89 and still fine!

Happy early birthday Great Grandpa Patrick! We all love you very much! 

The past two days I've been under the weather. I woke up Friday with a sore throat and felt achy all over. Very light-headed. I also felt more tired than ever, well, the last time I felt this tired was when I was pregnant with the triplets. Fortunately, Shawn watched the brood while I took a 4 hour nap. When I finally woke up, I felt like I could go right back to sleep. Ugh! I hate being sick! 

When I woke up today, I fed Liam and Holly and fell asleep on the couch with the girls sleeping in the swings and Liam in the bouncer watching the On Demand baby Einstein-like program. He was cooing away whenever a baby appeared on the screen. I would have enjoyed watching him watching the tv, but I fell asleep pretty quickly. Next thing I knew, Bridget was waking me up, so I put on PBS and let her watch cartoons until Shawn woke up. 

I've been experimenting with pancakes lately, since it's Bridget's favorite breakfast food. Here's what I've learned. We like Bisquick better than Aunt Jemima pancake batter and we like Eggo Lite syrup the best. Shawn hates chocolate chip pancakes, well, Shawn prefers plain pancakes (boring!). When reheating fresh strawberry pancakes, the strawberries don't hold up well, but bananas do. I can't speak for blueberries because we ate 'em all, and didn't have left-overs.  I like the strawberry-banana-chocolate chip pancake creation. Bridget LOVED the blueberry pancakes. On our skillet, the pancakes come out better when I don't use cooking spray, which I thought was weird.

Anyway! The whole family went to Aunt Julie's house to celebrate Great Grandpa Patrick's 89th birthday. Grandpa looked great and it was good to see him! Of course, Bridget had fun playing with everyone, especially Patrick and Grace. In fact, Bridget, Patrick and Grace took over Grandpa's house and were calling it their own. Bridget enjoyed watching tv with them and must have watched 2 hours of tv. She had a mini meltdown when we had to leave, because she wanted to watch more tv. Can you tell we don't let her watch much television!?!? 

It was also nice to meet Grandpa's grand-nephew Nick. Hopefully Shawn will send some of his Cubs tickets Nick's way. ;-)

Holly, Liam and Megan did well on yet another outing. Of course, they loved the attention, and were held by someone the entire time. They don't get much of that at home, which breaks my heart. It wasn't until recently (maybe last week) that one of the babies fell asleep in my arms. Isn't that sad? With multiples, you're usually only holding one while you're feeding him/her. Then you have to put him/her down and feed the next crying baby. Either that, or you have twelve million other things that need to be done: laundry, bottle cleaning, diapering, etc. But they did fine at the party, and everyone who wanted to, was able to hold a baby. Before the night was over, all three fell asleep in their car seats. 

Overall, it was a great day! Hopefully I can shake this cold quickly. 

I'm going to try to post photos from today at My Mobile Me Gallery. I'm still having a hard time with iPhoto and my card reader. Something's messed up and it takes me several attempts to get iPhoto to recognize the new photos. So keep checking, eventually I'll get them up there!

We're probably going to The Bank tomorrow to visit my parents. 

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I was happy to see everyone yesterday :D