Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Holly Lynn,
William John and 
Megan Delia
request the honor of your presence 
as they are baptized
at 2:00 pm
on Sunday, August 2, 2009
at St. Mary Immaculate Parish in
Plainfield, Illinois

A party will follow the ceremony. I haven't arranged all of that yet.  I will keep you posted though. Mark your calendars and hope for good weather. Anyone have a girl and a boy baptism outfit that we can borrow? I have Bridget's gorgeous gown ready for Holly to wear. Hmm...I hope it fits. It should, since they're still only wearing 0-3 month clothes. Hope they don't grow TOO fast over the next few months.

And, yes, I do plan on mailing out invitations! This is just a heads-up, save the date announcement. I'll probably have to work some of my magic to get nice invitations printed up. There's only one "stock" triplet baptism announcement on the market, and it's pretty cheesy. 

Wish me luck on the party arrangements. I have no idea what we're going to do other than I don't want it at our house and it'd be nice to have it around Plainfield/Joliet. 

Suggestions welcome...leave a comment. 

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Aunt Sandy said...

Morgan was 2 months at the time of her baptism. If Megan will fit into her dress, she is welcome to borrow it.