Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chris and Claire's Wedding Shower

Today Bridget and I went to Chris and Claire's Wedding Shower. It was lots of fun and they got lots of very nice things! Bridget had a blast. She conned many people into reading books to her. She also really enjoyed letting Henry the cat chase after the string she carried around the house. Bridget and Great Grandpa spent a lot of time together too. 

At the end of the shower, Shawn came over. Bridget wanted to be a "cooker" which meant that she would serve cookies to everyone in sight. I'm not sure if she called that job a cooker because she was serving cookies or because she thought that was part of a chef's job.  I think she ate several dozen cookies throughout the afternoon and evening!

We didn't leave until about 8 pm, and Bridget was so sad to leave. In fact, she was in melt-down mode because she was absolutely exhausted. We got stuck in traffic before Weber Road, and by then Bridget was passed out in her car seat. 

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