Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last night, actually this morning at 12:30 am Bridget woke up crying and barking like a seal. Croup again! So Shawn ran the hot shower while I rocked with Bridget for awhile. Then the three of us sat in the hot steamy bathroom for about 15 minutes while Bridget's barking cough subsided. Poor kid! Fortunately, she fell asleep a short while later and slept through the rest of the night. She even woke up about an hour later than usual. 

First thing in the morning, Bridget got in to see the pediatrician. As suspected, it was the croup and she was prescribed one day of steriod and 5 days of breathing treatments with the nebulizer. She's been a bit crabby today, but overall, she's doing well.

Office update: Bridget is going to move into the office once it's renovated. The triplets will move into Bridget's current room that is already set up to be a nursery. Painting is supposed to begin tomorrow, though Shawn still hasn't finished clearing out the room, and he's bowling tonight. Maybe, just maybe the renovation will be done next weekend, though I'm not holding my breath!

My job for today is to pack away all of Bridget's 24 month and 2T clothes. She still fits into some 2T clothes, but what we have is summer stuff, so it's time to pack it up. If I get that done, then I'd like to reorganize her drawers with all of her 3T winter clothes. That might not sound like much to you, but that's a tall task for me!

Rewind to yesterday: Bridget and I had lots of fun painting pumpkins. While Bridget was at school on Tuesday, I painted our big pumpkin green. Then yesterday, Bridget and I added black hair, and I finished it off by painting eyes, a nose and mouth. Finally, we topped our green-faced pumpkin off with Bridget's black witch's hat. It turned out pretty good! While I was putting the face on the witch, Bridget painted some small pumpkins. One pumpkin was painted all black because it's going to be turned into a spider today. The other pumpkins that she painted were brown, purple and pink. We'll spice those up with feathers, buttons, bows and googly eyes today. 

Last night was also Bridget's curriculum night at Chesterbrook Academy. Of the 10 kids in her class, only 3 families showed up. According to Bridget's progress report, she's doing just fine. She's mastered several tasks such as putting puzzles together, shapes, counting to 5 and using sentences to convey her thoughts. Even many of the tasks that the teacher only listed at "developing", Shawn and I know she's mastered already. It just may be that on that particular day of observation, Bridget did not perform those tasks. There's several of her classmates who are potty trained already, and Bridget is not, so that's one thing we really have to get her to do. I got the "3 day potty training boot camp" booklet, so we're going to start that. According to the book, for the next 2 weeks we're not supposed to mention the potty at all. She just gets to go in her diaper unless she tells us she wants to go potty. And every diaper change we're supposed to act very disgusted by having to change her yucky, gross diapers. Then in 2 weeks, boot camp begins. Two of her classmates used this method and were completely trained in 3 days, including no diapers overnight. So I hope this works. Keep your fingers crossed and check back in 2 weeks and 3 days to see if it worked. 

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