Sunday, October 19, 2008

Painting Bridget's New Bedroom

Today Grandpa Bill came over to paint Bridget's new bedroom. Grandpa was a bit annoyed that I wanted to take the baseboards off and get the paint stains off them, re-stain them, and put them back up, and he was even more annoyed that Shawn hadn't purchased the primer or paint. He wanted to go-go-go. So while Shawn fetched the paint, Grandpa took off the baseboards, took out the nails that we forgot to take out, and took off all the outlet covers. 

Bridget kept asking Grandpa if she could help paint. Last night she said she was going to use her little paintbrush to paint her bedroom. That was funny. Anyway, Grandpa said she could help him paint. She was overjoyed. So I put her painting smock on, she already had some yucky clothes on, and sent her into the room with Grandpa. Grandpa would primer all but the bottom 3 feet or so, and Bridget would paint what he left her. She did very well. She understood that she was supposed to make all the red walls white, and she was reminded that paint does not go on wood doors or frames. So the only damage was a little paint on her hands, one spot on her shirt, one spot on her pants, a few spots on the carpet that we're throwing out anyway, and a spot on her hair. Not too bad for an almost-3 year old. I found it funny because Grandpa Bill wouldn't let me paint a single wall in my bedroom until I was 17 and even then I was only allowed to paint the closet. 

After a long day of primer-ing, painting the ceiling and painting the walls, Grandpa had to leave. Bridget was sad to see him go. He kept telling him, "You can stay for 3 more minutes." Grandpa said, "We'll see you again on Thursday." He is going to see if the walls need a second coat of pink paint and the closet needs to be painted. 

Hopefully Shawn will be able to put the flooring in either Friday or Saturday. The baseboards too. Then maybe Sunday or Monday Bridget will be able to move on up in her world...out of the nursery and into her very first big-girl room. 

Being out all day yesterday must have worn me out because I took two naps today. An hour nap at about 11 am and another one at 3 pm. Shawn spent a good portion of the afternoon working in the yard, picking up leaves, mowing and edging the lawn. Bridget spent most of the day "helping" Grandpa or Shawn. The cats spent all day hiding since there was a "stranger" in the house.

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