Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Uneventful Day

We were bad parents today. Seriously. What a horrible day for Bridget. Shawn was going to take her to Lapsit at the Library this morning, but Bridget said she didn't want to go. Why he listened to her, I don't know, because we both know she would have had a good time. So Shawn went to the library to get some work done, while Bridget and I hung out at home.

I don't think Bridget did much of anything in the morning. Shortly after Shawn left for the library, I took a shower. Bridget played with the pieces to her Cootie game while I showered. After the shower, we began the whole process of trying to leave the house. It took forever to get Bridget changed, hair brushed, shoes and coat on, and finally out of the house. I wanted to take Bridget out for lunch because it's been forever since just the two of us have done anything outside of the house together. (And we have nothing in our refrigerator suitable for lunch.)

Bridget was great at lunch. She ate almost all of her mini sub and stole a few of my chips, and ate most of her cookie. We were there for quite some time though, because she can be a SLOW eater at times. 

After lunch we came home, and Bridget played outside for about an hour. Since I can't run after her, she was confined to the back yard. That didn't seem to matter to her though, all she was interested in doing was playing with all the baby items we are currently storing in our garage. She played with two exersaucers and one of those little play gym things. I got tired of sitting, so I tried to sweep out the garage as best I could. Bridget wanted to help, so of course, she ended up just spreading around the dirt and leaves that I already had swept up into a pile. 

After that, I just wanted to lay down, so we went inside. Bridget was in melt-down mode because she didn't want to come inside. So she was sent to her room to calm down. When she calmed down, she puttered around the living room for awhile. At 2:00, she had mandatory "rest time" in her bed. Since I was really tired, and Shawn wasn't home, I let her take her iPod with. She listened to music through headphones on her iPod. I can't believe my 2 year old is listening to music on an iPod! She figured out that she could play games while listening to the music too, so I didn't hear from her all afternoon. By 4:00, she was still quiet in her room. I asked her if she wanted to come out of her room, and she said "no" until about 4:15.  At least she got 2 hours of quiet rest. This was better than most days. Most days, she's in her room for two hours, but she's singing, reading books out loud, and moving around from her bed to the rocker and back again. 

Shawn was home before Bridget got up. When Bridget got up, she went to his office and hung out with dad for awhile. Then she tried to help Shawn make dinner, but lost interest in that pretty quickly. After dinner, she read a book or two with Shawn. I was tired and Shawn was working around the house, so she watched a couple of videos on her iPod. Unbelievable! I can't believe we let her spend probably 4 hours in front of her iPod either listening to music or watching videos. She's lucky to get maybe 4 hours of tv a week! I guess no tv the rest of the week would be appropriate. I just hope she doesn't throw a tantrum when she realizes that I hid her iPod after she went to bed tonight!

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