Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome to our New Family Blog

I always knew that Bridget's blog was going to be a temporary thing. I started her blog when I was already pregnant with the triplets. It wouldn't be fair to the triplets, that I blog their lives on, so it's time to move on. So this will be a time of transitioning. I like's easy to use but it takes up a lot of my hard drive space and it takes FOREVER to upload. Blogspot should take care of those problems. It's just going to take me some time getting used to it. Plus I have to come up with some overall vision for this site. I don't want to be redesigning the whole site every month. While I'm figuring all of that out, I...oops, I mean Bridget will continue to blog on   Anyway, welcome to our new family blog! The plan is for this to be a site about the whole family: Shawn, Bridget, the triplets and myself. 

So be sure to ask Shawn how he pronounces the word "tantrum". It's driving me absolutely crazy. He says "tan-troom" and Bridget is beginning to pronounce it that way too. Of course, since Bridget is in the terrible twos, we're constantly telling her that if she's going to throw a tantrum, then she needs to go to her room. (Or something along those lines.) When she calms down and comes out of her room, she will apologize and say, "Sorry for throwing a tan-troom." Ack! Shawn's so smart...why can't he pronounce a simple word!

Ok, so now I'm going to go crazy because Shawn is in the basement playing the "drooms" instead of cleaning the kitchen and living room like he said he was going to do. 

It's late and I'm off to bed to read. Be sure to cast your vote in the right-hand column for your favorite names. I'm not guaranteeing that the babies names are listed because we change our minds almost daily, but it will be interesting to see what your favorite names are!

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