Thursday, October 23, 2008

How I Have Adapted...

There's been several things I've had to change about daily life now that I'm 28 weeks pregnant with triplets.  Thought I'd share a few thoughts...

Letting your husband be in charge of cooking and cleaning stinks! I'm trying to be patient, but let's face it...guys don't clean as well as girls do! And why is it that guys think the kitchen garbage can is the only can that needs emptying? Another thing I don't get is why are guys so incapable of working and taking care of the house? If women are expected to work full-time, take care of the kids and run a household, then why can't a guy do it too? I'm not saying that I keep an immaculate house, but it certainly wasn't as bad as it has been the past few months.

It's REALLY hard to do laundry with a pregnant belly! There's no way anyone but me is touching my laundry, that's just how it goes. So Shawn lugs the baskets up and down the stairs, and I take care of it from there. I never realized how many times you lean over the machine to get all those socks off the bottom of the washer! Then even trying to bend over to get the stuff out of the dryer is tough while pregnant. Being on my feet while trying to get all of Bridget's stains out stinks too. (See below)

Laundry accommodations...brilliant idea...I think I'm on to something here! So to cut down on time spent on my feet in the laundry room, I was inspired by Kramer on Seinfeld. If you recall, Kramer multi-tasked by washing his dishes while in the shower. So I figured, why not get the stains out of Bridget's clothes while taking a shower?  So let's say Bridget spills her chocolate milk down the front of her shirt. Now I take her shirt and just soak it in the bathroom sink and the next morning I bring it in the shower with me. Her tear-free baby shampoo works great on the stains, even better than Shout, or Spray-n-Wash. Seriously! Try it someday. I've been using Gerber's Grins and Giggles shampoo and it's gotten out chocolate milk, pasta sauce and various other food stains. I almost want to put grass stains on her jeans just to see if it will get out that stain too!

You probably wouldn't miss half of your house. Obviously stairs are not my best friend these days, so I rarely go to the basement anymore. I thought that would be really tough to handle but surprisingly it's not too bad. There's a few tv shows that Shawn records on "his" tv that we watch together in the basement, but that's maybe once or twice a week. Then there's the laundry. I have at least 2 weeks of maternity clothes, so laundry doesn't happen too frequently. Our arts and craft items are in the basement...I miss those!

Who needs socks or shoelaces? I haven't worn socks since at least June 2nd. I know that date well because that was the last day of the school year. I also haven't worn shoes with shoelaces since then. Only sandals. I don't think I could get socks or tie-shoes on my feet at this point anyway. I bought a pair of winter Crocs so that I won't have to put on socks until after I recover from the birth of the triplets.  Isn't life grand!?

Being pregnant and on "house rest" is really economical-well, sort of! Things we're saving money on since my confinement: make-up, gasoline, my spending money, entertainment (I can't go anywhere anymore, so no movies, trips to the mall, etc.), school supplies (I bought a lot of stuff out of my own pocket for school), soda, coffee. Now, once my paychecks run out, then this will all change, but for now, it's kinda cool.

When you have the opportunity to watch as much tv as you want, you realize it's not that entertaining. Most of the time that I have the tv on, I realized that it's just on for background noise. So I'm finding myself turning it off more and reading, doing puzzle books, napping and playing quietly with Bridget. 

No matter how hectic things may seem, everything that absolutely needs to get done eventually gets done. These will probably be the words I live by after the babies arrive, but its true for now too. So although our day-to-day lives have changed dramatically since August, we are dealing with it. Bridget, Shawn and I are happy and healthy and that's all that really matters. 

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