Friday, October 17, 2008

A Visit From Auntie Tina, Kaitlyn and Ann

This morning Bridget finished decorating her pumpkins, FINALLY! I must say, she did a great job on them. I guess I scared Bridget by telling her that I had to do the gluing because I was using a hot glue gun. Next thing I knew, she was crying and telling me to stop using the glue on the pumpkin. I don't know why it freaked her out, but it did. She then was quite happy gluing on the googly eyes herself and painting on a small red smile. 

For the other pumpkins Bridget used glitter, feathers, buttons, and paint pens to decorate the already painted pumpkins. She really seemed to enjoy herself, and she was so focused on the job that nothing would pull her attention away. When there was only one pumpkin left, Bridget suggested that I write all of our names on it. What a great idea. So I began writing "Mom, Dad..." Bridget butted in, "Don't forget the trip-a-lets!" of course not, I wouldn't forget them! "Bridget and the Triplets" then in the little space that was left, Bridget suggested I write "Boo!" So that was it...all pumpkins have been adequately decorated for Halloween. 

Next, I wasn't feeling so great. I actually felt like I had a stomach ache, and I never get stomach aches, so I asked Shawn if he could keep an eye on Bridget while I took a half hour nap. Before I went to lay down, I let Bridget watch "Leap's Letter Factory" a 35 minute video all about the alphabet. I told Shawn that when the video was done, come wake me up. 

Well, I guess Bridget watched the video then got showered and dressed by Shawn and it was almost noon by this time. Auntie Tina, Kaitlyn, and Ann were due to arrive any minute now. So I rushed in a shower, Shawn fed Bridget, and by the time we both finished our tasks, the doorbell rang.

It was Ann's nap time, so she took a nap in Bridget's room while Kaitlyn and Bridget played in the basement. Me and Tina supervised and talked. Eventually, the girls ended up painting paper plate pumpkins and turkeys. They turned out really cute! (The pumpkins are red and purple, but the turkeys are brown.) They still wanted to paint some more, so we broke out the roll of paper, and each girl painted their own scene. Even those were cute. Kaitlyn painted a sort of rainbow, and Bridget painted what looked like the scrubbing bubbles icon but I guess it was supposed to be a face. 

After those pictures were complete, we all got cleaned up and the girls danced to the music playing on the television. Even though Kaitlyn and Bridget are only 11 months apart, you can really tell the difference in skills and abilities. Both girls could listen to the music and follow what was being said, like "head, shoulders, knees and toes" but Kaitlyn is far better at touching all body parts in time to the music. Bridget's lucky if she touches her head and toes. Also during "If You're Happy and You Know It" the song says wiggle your ears. Bridget usually just ignores this. Kaitlyn, who never heard this version of the song before, looked at her mom with such an inquisitive look on her face as if to say, "how the heck am I supposed to wiggle my ears?" Tina said, "Wiggle your ears, Kaitlyn." And she did. She just put her hands behind her ears and flopped her ears back and forth. Very cute!

After awhile, Ann woke up, so we all moved upstairs for snack time and more playing. I think Ann ate most of the apple that I cut up for the girls. She can really eat! Kaitlyn loved being "cooker chef" at the play kitchen. She made Tina, Shawn and I all bowls of vegetable stew. Bridget was nearing her breaking point, because she didn't have a nap, and most of what she did was just naughty. At one point, Ann was trying to climb down from the sofa and she kicked Bridget on accident. Bridget turned towards Ann and was about to hit her until both Tina and I told her she needed to stop. Ugh! Why won't the girl just take a nap? She's so much nicer when she does!

The visit was over at about 5:15 and the rest of the night included dinner, a brief play session and then bedtime. 

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