Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Big House Cleaning

WOW! Karen, Joann, and Sandy went to town on our house. Everything is spotless! What a wonderful gift. They ordered us out of the house, while they did a little spring cleaning. Well, I guess it wasn't a little cleaning, it was quite a job! But everything looks fabulous. 

So what did we do while we were out? Bridget insisted we had lunch at Portillo's. I think that's her favorite restaurant now. She loves their hot dogs, and she always finishes a whole hot dog and a few fries. She also likes to look at all the knick-knacks they have hanging on the walls and ceiling. She was falling asleep during lunch, seriously, her head was on the table! Our original plan was to go to see the movie, Bolt after lunch. Instead Shawn took us on a little drive, and Bridget was asleep soon enough. I fell asleep too. When I woke up we were by Arsenal Road driving the through rural back roads.  Bridget woke up a bit after I did. I guess we both slept for over an hour. 

After driving a bit more, we headed back to the house so that I could go to the bathroom. Karen, Joann and Sandy had the house looking and smelling pretty good by this time. They told me some funny stories about the things they found around the house, including a year old check that hadn't been cashed and the Glad Vacuum Sealer that nobody knew what it was. 

After my potty break, Shawn and Bridget went to the pet store for litter, then we headed to the theater. Bridget enjoyed watching Bolt. She's pretty funny because she gets anxious at the suspenseful parts and sad at the sad parts. So you know she's following the story. She also doesn't keep her emotions in...we had to tell her that she has to be quieter in the theater so that she doesn't disturb other people. Of course, she loved having popcorn and loved sitting on the booster seat. 

After the movie we headed home to check out the final result. We finally have usable counter space in the kitchen. Sandy also lined up (in rows) what little we had in the fridge! Joann did a heck of a job fixing up the nursery and moving Bridget's left-overs to her new room. Karen organized Bridget's bookcase with cloth containers, and hung some "artwork" in the bathroom. I posted photos on My Mobile Me Gallery. Click the link at the right. I should have taken some "before" photos, but that would have been too embarrassing! 

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