Thursday, November 13, 2008

Potty Training Day 3

Ok, so yesterday, Bridget had one more accident later in the afternoon. She stayed dry all through the night again. WOW! I can't believe it. The last issue is trying to get her to poop on the potty.

Today was a great potty day. She went to school today, and had just one accident, which to no surprise, was a poop accident. Now, we're 2 hours from bedtime and hopefully the tally will remain at one accident today. Definitely improvement. Now, supposedly, she's to be potty trained in 3 days, so I'm hoping tomorrow's accident tally is zero.

Shawn's bowling tonight, so it's just B and I for the rest of the night. It's really hard for me to do anything with her. I'm really tired all the time, and my hips and back hurt when I walk around. My muscles are non-existent from the lack of movement and I'm basically uncomfortable all the time. The absolute worst thing is overnight my right hand goes numb to the point where it hurts and wakes me up. I can usually make it to about 2 am without pain, but then after that, I'm up every hour shaking out my arm until the circulation comes back. Last night was really bad. I was up every 45 minutes for several hours. The last time I was up it took over 20 minutes to get the feeling back in my hand. I couldn't move my fingers and it hurt really bad. If there's any bright side, then it's that this only happens overnight. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep at night doesn't do much for my attitude throughout the day.

So, I have 2 hours to entertain Bridget before her bedtime. We've already read a long Disney book and played with some magnets. I think I'll have her listen to her 2 library books & CD's, then we'll probably color a bit then start her bedtime routine. 

She ended up listening to her library books, then we played with her dollhouse for awhile. Then bedtime. Of course, she had to be a pain in the bottom when Shawn's not around. She was out of bed 4 times. "I gotta go potty." Ok, so she sits on the potty and does nothing, she just wanted to delay bedtime. Then it was, "I want a drink of water." So I got her a sip of water. Then it was, "I'm hungry." which I usually just ignore, but this time she was crying so much and holding her belly, that I actually believed her. So I gave her some fruit snacks. Finally, she says, "I hear a noise in my room." So I ask what kind of noise? "The noise of a digger." What?!? I'm sure it was a car passing by, but I had forgotten to turn on her bedtime music, so maybe that's what she really wanted. So I put her bedtime music on, gave her a stern warning that it's bedtime, and she's not to get out of bed unless she has to use the potty, and there's no more crying and screaming. That worked.

Whew! Then I pretty much passed out on the couch. 

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