Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post-Halloween Recovery

Today Shawn and I planned on tidying up the nursery, but what fun would that be? So we did a whole lot of nothing! In the morning, I got really aggravated because I took a shower and was so tired from doing just that. I was supposed to go get my flu and allergy shots after the shower, but I couldn't get myself to move. I ended up laying down for a nap maybe an hour after waking up. It's really getting hard to get around, and I'm not liking this much anymore! I don't like not being able to do what I want to do, especially if what I want to do is as simple as taking a shower.

After that, Shawn and Bridget went outside to play. What beautiful weather we had this weekend! Bridget rode her tricycle to the end of the block and back. They played catch with a small ball and colored with chalk. When Bridget came back in she said she "had so much fun!"

As afternoon rolled around, we remembered that we had to return a video and a book to the library, so all three of us headed there. Mom got two more novels, Dad got two novels, Bridget picked out two books, and Mom picked out two books & CDs for Bridget. Bridget didn't want to leave once she found the huge bean bags in the teen area. 

Then of course, we should have gone home and worked on the nursery, but again, what's the fun in that? So we decided we should have an early dinner since we had a late breakfast and no lunch. We drove down Route 59 until we found a restaurant we could all agree on, and of course, Bridget fell asleep just before arriving. So we drove around for another 30 minutes so that she could nap a bit longer. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday's in the Fox Valley Mall because Shawn wanted to buy socks after dinner. Bridget was a little angel when she woke up. She was very well behaved at the restaurant, and she ate almost all of her mac-n-cheese. 

After dinner, Bridget got to play in the play area, which was packed with way too many kids. While she was in the jungle gym tree, some little boy just came up to Bridget, who was just laying down, and he began hitting her on her arms and stomach. Well, Bridget started crying, the other parents sitting nearby were stunned, and Shawn and I immediately ran to them and got the boy to stop hitting Bridget. Of course, his parents were nowhere to be found. Shawn talked to the boy and I guess he was saying that he hit Bridget because she was "a very bad boy" and Shawn thinks the boy must be beat at home. So we high-tailed it out of that play area, about a minute after the boy's father snatched him up and scurried away with his tail between his legs. 

We did a bunch of nothing at the mall. Bridget played at the other play area with no major disasters. I mostly sat on benches. Shawn went and checked out a few stores. We all stopped in the Disney Store and Build-a-Bear, but left the mall with no purchases. 

After that we stopped by Kohl's and Target with the intention of finding next year's Halloween costume on clearance. Shawn got his socks at Kohl's and I found a Dorothy costume for 50% off at Target. I think Bridget will get it for her birthday or Christmas, so that she can use it for dress-up play. Then if it's not too badly beat up by next Halloween, it may be her costume next year. 

By now it was 8 pm. Bridget was actually admitting that she was tired. So it was jammies, tooth brushing, stories, and bedtime. She was out like a light maybe 5 minutes after Shawn finished reading the stories. 

So now, it's relaxing time for me, and Shawn's drumming in the basement. I guess the nursery will wait until tomorrow. 

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