Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dinner Date

Today Shawn and Bridget went to Great Grandpa's house to watch the Bears game. Shawn should blog about that because I wasn't there. I guess Bridget had fun playing with Bailey and Wrigley (the dogs). 

While they were out, I did absolutely nothing. 

When they got home, we had a dinner date with the Ewanics. Bridget had fun talking and playing with Sophia and Emily. Shawn and I had fun catching up on things with Rene and Derek. Dinner was good too. Usually when we get together, we have bad service, but tonight was uneventful. No screw-ups, and prompt service. Derek won a stuffed dog in the crane game, and Sophia gave it to Bridget. She loves it!

After dinner we stopped by Target to pick up a few things. Bridget was really happy to see that Sophia and her family went to Target too! So the girls played with the toys in the toy aisles while we all shopped. (Someone was always watching the girls!)

After that, back home. Bridget was hungry, so she had some mac-n-cheese and a piece of Halloween candy. Then off to the bathtub, stories, and bedtime for her. I'm sure Shawn and I will veg on the couch the rest of the night.

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