Monday, November 3, 2008

Let the Fetal Monitoring Begin!

Well, we had our (I had my) first fetal monitoring appointment today at 30 weeks pregnant and both Shawn and I were a bit nervous. However, everyone is still doing well. I was a bit bummed to find out that I couldn't just sit down and read while the monitors were on.  I had to lay on the table and push a button every time a baby moved, and sometimes I had to hold the monitors down if the baby's heartbeat went no free hands to read a book. The whole thing took just over an hour, which was good because we were told to expect to be there for an hour and a half. They were able to monitor two babies at once, then the third got monitored on its own. From what I could tell, all three heartbeats were mainly in the mid 140's, and they went up and down a bit from there whenever they moved around. Baby C (the boy) was the most uncooperative. His heartbeat would go in and out, no because of any trouble, but because he kept moving away from the monitor. The doctor was very impressed with all the babies. He said he wouldn't want me to deliver today, but if I did, chances are everything would be fine. The babies are getting big (probably about 3 lbs. each), and their heartbeats are strong. He said I'm carrying them well and hopes that continues for at least a few more weeks. We'll see! Same drill on Thursday.

Other than that, when Bridget came home from school, we had yummy burgers on the grill, thanks to Shawn and the nice weather. Then Bridget and I did a few pages in her Hidden Pictures Playground magazine that came in the mail today. She also did a page or two with Shawn. She played awhile with Shawn, then it was toothbrushing, story time, and bedtime. 

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