Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Visit From Kaitlyn and Ann

Bridget went to school today and was very excited when she burst through the door at the end of the day. "Mama, Mama, I got a surprise for you. Close your eyes!" So I did, and she gave me a cute bag with a nice Thanksgiving poem inside that they made at school. She also showed me her beautiful pasta necklace. 

"Where's Kaitlyn?!?!" She was beginning to get so upset because we had told her that after school today, Kaitlyn was going to come over. She was upset that she wasn't already at our house. So she called Aunt Tina to find out when Kaitlyn would be coming over. She did a really good job talking to Tina on the phone. And she was very glad to hear that Tina, Kaitlyn and Ann were putting on their coats and leaving for our house right then.

When they arrived, Aunt Tina had a Thanksgiving project for the girls to work on. They were going to make cookie turkeys out of Oreos, Whoppers and Candy Corn. I think the girls ate more candy than they used to make the turkeys.  Ann also enjoyed eating Oreos and watching everyone make turkeys. 

Of course all three girls had plenty of time to play with the Weebles castle and with toys in Bridget's room. Must have worn Bridget out, because she took a nap at school and was exhausted before we even finished dinner. 

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