Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pizza Party at Grandma's

Bridget spent Saturday night at Grandma Kathie's house. Sounds like she had lots of fun. They went to the mall, and Grandma bought her a little Dumbo doll from the Disney store. (Bridget will tell you, "Grandma Kaffie buyed me a Dumbo doll from the Disney Store at the mall.") Then they went to see the "2" movie. That's what Bridget calls Madagascar 2. Which makes sense, because she sees the signs and advertisements for the movie everywhere, and she can't read, but she does recognize numbers. Bridget said that she enjoyed the movie. I know they read lots of books at Grandma's house too. I guess she had difficulty sleeping, and she only ended up sleeping from midnight to 4 am. 

Shawn picked her up around noon today, and she fell asleep in the car just blocks from Grandma's house. She slept the whole way home, then slept for another 30-45 minutes at our house, then the three of us headed back to Burbank to visit Grandma Joan. She slept all the way there too. So that was good, because she was in good spirits when we got there. Tina's family and Sandy's family were also there. Bridget had lots of fun playing with her cousins. Kaitlyn and Bridget did lots of pretend play. They were running from a monster (Morgan), eating  pretend food, capturing cars and playing lots of imaginative games. Morgan and her baby mullet, basically ran around the house chasing after the two bigger girls. Ann, still a bit sick, just hung out with mom, dad, or anyone who would play quietly with her. 

Of course, we never visit Grandma Joan without ordering pizza, so when dinner rolled around, we had our usual Phil's Pizza Party. Seriously, this is the best pizza in all of Chicagoland. I highly recommend trying a cheese & sausage Phil's pizza. While waiting for our pizza, we got the girls to sit down and eat. By the time they were done, the pizza was ready, so we cleared out the girls and it was the adult's turn to eat at the table. Overall, it was a very nice visit. 

Shortly after dinner, the house cleared out. Shawn, Bridget and I stayed a bit longer because Grandma Joan sewed up three things for us. When we left, we took the long way home in hopes that Bridget would fall asleep again, but that didn't happen. She was very chatty the whole way home. However, she was in bed by 8 pm, and didn't wake up until after 8 am Monday. 

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