Sunday, November 2, 2008

The other part of Sunday

After having some breakfast and reading a book, Bridget and I headed out to Dominick's to do some grocery shopping. Bridget was very well behaved and stayed in the cart the entire time (which is rare for her). She was delighted with the slice of cheese the woman at the deli counter gave her and enjoyed the pretzel chips they had samples of. We hurried home and put the groceries away. Then it was off to great-grandpa Patrick's to watch the Bears take on the Lions. We arrived around 12:30 to find grandpa John talking to Patsy on the patio. Bridget and I got to meet Patsy and Nolan's dog Wrigley for the first time. After spending some time inside coloring and warming up to everyone Bridget spent most of the afternoon on the patio coloring, talking, and playing with the dogs. She had a great time trying to get Bailey and Wrigley to fetch a stick and a ball. It's always nice going to watch the Bears games and seeing the family. At the end of the game Bridget and I headed out. We dropped Nolan off at home and I took the long way home so Bridget could have some time to sleep in the car. It seems the only time we can get her to nap anymore is in the car. We got home just after 4 and Bridget went right back to sleep on the couch. Then it was off to dinner.

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