Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Today was Bridget's Thanksgiving Luncheon at her school.  "Ugh" is about all I can say! We were running a bit behind schedule, so we were rushing to get her bathed, dressed and ready to go. Bridget didn't like being rushed. She was screaming and throwing tantrums about every last little thing. We got out of the house at 10:55 and the program started at 11.

On the car ride over, Bridget stopped crying and was getting in a good mood. We all played "I Spy" in the car. Once at school and in her classroom, her mood flipped again. She was shy and didn't want to cooperate at all. She didn't want to play with her friends, she wouldn't talk to her teachers or anything! The children had prepared two Thanksgiving songs to perform for the parents. This probably being Bridget's last school event until she gets into a regular preschool, Shawn and I were excited to see her perform. Instead, she wanted to cry and hang onto Mom or Dad's legs. It was very frustrating. At least she wasn't the only one crying. One other boy was acting up too. 

So then it was time for lunch. Bridget refused to wash her hands like all the other children. Shawn and I were about to just leave because she was crying, stomping her feet, and being defiant. Finally, she washed her hands and sat down to lunch. 

Bridget did eat a good lunch, and her mood improved....momentarily. Then we had to go. Now she's throwing a fit because she didn't want to leave. So Shawn swept her up, and we thanked the teachers, and high-tailed it out of there. 

There are a few photos and video from the event posted on My Mobile Me gallery. (Click the link at the right.) The one 4 second video was an accident. I forgot to switch the camera to photo mode. But I still uploaded the video so you can see 4 seconds of her tantrum! There's also a new video of our latest ultrasound. It is not very good. All babies were facing away from the camera. But very briefly you can see baby C (boy) and baby B (girl). The entire video is 1 minute 40 seconds long. 

Potty Training Update: We haven't given in. Her butt hasn't been in a diaper for a week now. Overnights are good. She did wet the bed last night, but that was the first time she's done that. Yesterday was her worst day yet. I think she had 5-6 accidents! I think she's being defiant towards me because she wants to play with me and I'm always sleeping or I tell her I can't play on the floor with her, or she's too rough around me, etc. Today has been a good day, with only a poop accident so far. I just hope she'd master this soon because Shawn and I are both tired of cleaning dirty underpants. 

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